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Kentucky Wildcats Lynx: The News In Blue 11/12/2013

"War is hell" - Gen. William T. Sherman in his address to the Michigan Military Academy. Make no mistake, Big Blue Nation. To a war is where we are headed.

If I am picking my own troops, man by man, and I know I am going to war, I pick Julius Randle and I never look back...You can quote me on that.
If I am picking my own troops, man by man, and I know I am going to war, I pick Julius Randle and I never look back...You can quote me on that.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

While doing these links at 11 PM on November 11, 2013, I was watching Ike: Countdown to D-Day. Eisenhower was the consummate commander. Part politician, part diplomat, part soldier, part cheerleader, part soothsayer. Remind you of anyone?

So, we shall approach this Lynx post with military precision, and we shall learn our enemy inside and out. Then, we are gonna go kick his tail back to the north woods. We begin with a post which shows what happens when sportswriters start thinking they know what they are talking about. You just knew that stuff like that could happen when they started up the internet decades ago, right? MSU will be counting on a healthy Gary Harris to pick up a big load of the rebounding for them. As of 3:30 PM E.S.T. the Cats were a 3.5 underdog to Michigan State.  Bruce Pearl picks MSU with the weakest of reasons:

"The rules will bother them, but Michigan State will win this game because of their experience,'' Pearl said. "I have picked Kentucky to win the national championship and have Michigan State go to the Final Four.''

Someone remember to pin that one to the locker room wall, willya?

MSU Freshman Gavin Schilling is young, but learning. But is he ready to face Julius RandleMSU PG Keith Appling thinks of the Wildcats and smiles. Keep smiling young man. Had enough? I have. Now for the good news.

Julius Randle was CBS' Player AND Freshman of The Week. BOTH. Oh, and SEC POW. Calipari does Coachspeak101. He is soooo good at that. 80 scouts coming to the Champions Classic. I think they need to go back and get some more guys. Tom Izzo says that recruiting is for the fans. Yeah, Tom. Tell that to Cal.

Patrick Sparks with memories we love to share... Marcus Lee will bide his time. But it won't be long. Talent like that won't remain on the bench for long. And it marks the key to Michigan State's undoing. No one, and I do mean no one in the country has Kentucky's depth from 1-15. No one. Our final UK/MSU link, the Yahoo perspective.

And now for The Rest Of The Stories... Seriously, how long did anyone give this? The only thing Rick Pitino did faster than reinstate Chane Behanan is, well...The courts made a mistake in the O'Bannon lawsuit. The only way you teach the NCAA a lesson in today's world is with money. And a lot of it. And besides, it's what they would do to you.

Our Tweet of The Day comes from none other than our good friend and sage Kentucky BBN expert @NotJerryTipton

Next thing you know they will be calling us cheaters...