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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: The News In Blue 11/1/2013

Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: Shaken, not stirred.

This man wants the ball...and playing time.
This man wants the ball...and playing time.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It's here, it's here!!! Friday has arrived. The wait is over!!

"Catting" Around — There is a game tonight, as if you didn't know. There's another one tomorrow night. No big surprise there either. So where are today's surprises? The cold, hard truth is, there aren't any. We don't get many surprises right now. Not in basketball, and not really in football either. This is going in here because I think it's that pertinent. If Kentucky can pull off this miracle thing of 40-0, it will be in large part because this rule change was implemented correctly.

So, Devin Booker is smart. He chose wisely. But was James Blackmon, Jr. stupid? Did he choose poorly? No. As a matter of fact, I think he chose wisely himself. If he is not ready for all the bells and whistles and the spotlight that goes along with being a guard at UK, then by all means, go north young man. The downside for UK? Losing a second generation player the caliber of Blackmon is never a good thing. In truth, however, no damage done.

Andrew Harrison is out for Transy tonight. Calipari does not want that knee aggravated in a 70-point blowout win. Sounds smart to me. Nothing to see there. Besides, Derek Willis wants the minutes. UK's backcourt is only the 6th best in the country... according to Jeff Borzello. Ready for your semi-weeky dose of coach-speak Calipari style? The Pre-Game press conferences are back and Cal is in true form.

You should be seeing these tonight. Hopefully they have to remake them in May 2014

I have no idea where the term "Halloween Split" came from, however, John Clay says that Kentucky got one last night.

Worried about more bad weather tonight? Don't sweat it. Here's a Kentucky original with the forecast for this evening's game. What is it? A Blue Moon, of course.

And Now, The Rest Of The Stories — Alex Rodriguez is auditioning for the remake of "All The President's Men." Alex will be playing the part of Bob Woodward. Carl Bernstein will be played by...(insert crusading sports figure here). I am getting a little tired of this "non-reporting" reporting by and some others. Either tell us what Carl Pelini did, or shut up about it. Can someone explain to me why Florida is Chock Full O' Nuts? If you thought one guy trying to take down The University of Miami just because he had a lot of money to throw around was a joke, what about someone who rips off a ton of NFL guys to the tune of 60-100M? And who is telling the truth, Mike Shanahan or Albert Haynesworth?

We know the Cats are #1 preseason. Turns out the Cards aren't #2 after all. Who knew? Be honest, guys. How many of you have been waiting anxiously for Erin Andrews to do a shower scene on TV? Don't lie, you know you were. This is why the Big Whatever will never be the SEC. Say what you like about Billy Donovan, but he has got some big huevos. It could be a really long year in Gainesville.  Joel Hollingsworth over at RTT did a ton of work to be proven wrong on Saturday in Knoxville. Sorry, Joel.

The Tweet of The Day is back, and it's from our old friend, NotJerryTipton:

Now for The Links That Wild Weasel Will Never Bring You-

Everyone talks about Bill Gates, but we have this man to thank for a lot of why we are here enjoying this, and no, it's not Al Gore. What the devil is Hudl? I am all for gender equality, but this is just going too far...

So, there we have it. It's Finally Friday. The Cats are all over this weekend, so enjoy. I shall return on Monday, Good Lord willing and see what we can mess with next!