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The Caption Corner Big Blue Madness Addition

In honor of the Kentucky Wildcats Big Blue Madness next Friday, let's play a little Caption Corner basketball style.

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Let's get the particulars for the last Caption Corner out of the way first.  There were a total of 12 rec'ds for all comments and we have a two-way tie for first place, both with three rec'ds each. 
The winners were :

Whoa, Dude those are some firm buttocks!!

Murph, you gotta love football.
I can put my hand on your butt and no one is the wiser.
Feelin’ good, Big Guy!

And :

Just Get Through The Vols And "Lowly Kentucky" Is Next

by Wild Weasel

Great job by everyone.


With my photo choice for this installment of the Caption Corner, I decided to go with one pertaining to basketball in honor of Big Blue Madness talk looming this week.  SB Nation didn't have any available for use pertaining to Madness, so I thumbed (see what I did there) through ones with John Calipari doing a little chatting with his hands.  If there's one thing I relate to Cal, it would be that he talks with his hands, especially during games.

When it comes to Cal, is interpretation of his hand language something we all are learning to read, or is there an universal language of hand speak?  What say you , Big Blue Nation?

It must be a basketball yahtzee!

If anyone is new to the Caption Corner, you simply select your favorite caption by recommending (clicking on the rec ✫) directly under the comment of your choice.