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College Football: Delusions, Wishful Thinking, Reality and other stuff from this weekend

This weekend's college games shows how one should not buy into to home grown hype. Here are some stories across SB Nation that brought reality to many fans.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports


Maryland and Florida State

The Seminoles waxed the Terps 63-0. Here's how Maryland saw the game before it was played Here's how they felt after the full body wax job.

The Reality of Probation

Penn State and Indiana

The Nittany Lions have performed well considering how hard they were hit by the NCAA. They fully expected to beat the Hoosiers with good reason. Read how they saw the game before it was played here. The song was changed after they lost to Indiana. Reality isn't always kind.

Eyes Wide Open

Arkansas had to go up against Florida and they knew what was in store for them. After all was said and done:  Putting lipstick on a pig.

Delusional Delusions?

I almost got caught up in the Tennessee-Georgia game until the whole stadium started singing Rocky Top at the top of their lungs.Then I realized that was the sole reason I wanted Georgia to win. I hate that song, therefore I must hate Tennessee. Oh yeah, the delusional delusions. Read it here. By this reasoning, Tennessee is going to beat Alabama? I don't think so, but they gave the Bulldogs one heck of a game. Credit where credit is due. The Vols came within inches of victory. Read about it here.

Forgetting the reality at Ole Miss?

I wonder if the Trojans even know that Orgeron was once the Rebels head coach. Fun doesn't equal wins, but wins usually equals fun.... or something like that.