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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: The News & Boos! 10/31/2013

I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on the way. I see earthquakes and lightning.I see bad times today. Don't go around tonight, it's bound to take your life. There's a bad moon on the rise.

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How do you like my costume? Trick or Treat!!
How do you like my costume? Trick or Treat!!

Let's see what we can muddle today, shall we? Maybe we can scare a few people with today's version of the Wildcat Lynx.

We start off with our "Current Cats" News:

I was extremely displeased to hear about  Kyvin Goodin-Rogers health condition. Blood clots are no laughing matter, but missing out on most of the season or possibly all of it is going to be torture for her, and hard on the Hoops' Squad's depth. Get better Kyvin. There will be more seasons. On to better news, I always knew that DeNesha Stallworth had CLASS. Maybe she will get the award for it.

Mark Stoops talks about the Cats and their "energetic" practice yesterday. Larry Vaught clarifies the depth chart at QB. Then we have D.J. Eliot and his comments on Bud Dupree and other things he finds defensive.

Big news of the day (other than surviving the onslaught of weather headed in the direction of the Commonwealth) should be the signing (obtaining commitment) of the next pair of Calipari-honed guards. Both of these guys shooting on the court at one time could end your night quickly as a Kentucky opponent. That should be scary to everyone. KSR has it from Evan Daniels that it looks pretty much like a lock. Whenever people talk like that it scares me, I don't know about you. Something else that's scary is to read something John Clay is writing lately that's upbeat and positive. In that piece he is almost glowing radioactive. Which college basketball team in Kentucky is the youngest? Not UK. Where did all this talk come from claiming that the Harrison twins had attitudes? Mike DeCourcy blows the lid off that one. Every writeup about these two that I have seen has been nothing but glowing.

The beginning of this footage will bring back some scary moments, the end should scare our opponents-

Some former Cats are making some news this week as well. Derek Anderson has begun opening "Stamina Studios." I expect to see Derek turn this into something big. No matter what he has to go through to do it. Jodie Meeks is getting some valuable court time out in L.A. with Kobe Bryant sitting on the bench healing up.

And Now, The Rest Of The Stories- Is there anyone who does not get stoned anymore? This is just bizarre. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned DUI? The NCAA will be all over Brett Hundley for this. Should they be? Good Grief, what will happen when Jadevon Clowney DOES develop good practice habits? I wonder how much Johnny Manziel charged for this autograph?

Please pay close attention to the Baby Calipari. If you are keeping tabs on where the top recruits are going in college basketball, you need to have a look at the information here. Some of this info is ESPN insider, so it's not free. I can glean quite a bit just from the rankings, schools, and information listed.

The new NCAA model has moved on to the NCAA "Steering" committee. Not that it means anything real, because until they actually adopt some new legislation it's all talk. But what is more scary? The NCAA constantly living with the threat of the "Power" Conferences leaving, or developing their own "Division 4?" Bruce Feldman over at says that these guys are the Top 10 "Scariest" players in NCAA College Football.

The World Series has come to an end and the folks in Boston have once again exorcised the ghost of Babe Ruth and the Curse of The Bambino. Boston made it look easy last night and folks who have taken up the mantle of the Cards (no, not those Cards) were crushed as the title went to Beantown. The big thing for the folks up there was that this one was clenched at home. David Ortiz was the Series MVP for good reason. Hitting .688 is just killing 'em, folks. Big Papi was 11 for 16, went yard twice, and just missed a third one. Take heart, however, fans of the St. Louis Cardinals, the future for you looks very bright.

OK, now this is probably not your average group of college football fans is it? I'm sorry, but this girl scares me.

But they made this look so classy in The Blind Side...

Now for The Links That Wild Weasel Will Never Bring You - Worried about Halloween tricks and what they will do to your stuff? Don't be. Your insurance man should be though. The title is "Billy G's Salvation", I kid you not. This Louisville location seems much more scary than The Yum! Center. Despite what the Cards may think. And what could be scarier than a game show host coming back from the dead? Well, OK, maybe not really dead. And finally, can anyone at ASOB pull off art work like this? And here I thought pumpkin carving was for kids!!

That's all I can scare up for today, folks. Hopefully you can find something in there to your liking. If not, well, there's always barber college.