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Kentucky Basketball: John Calipari Rips the NCAA, Compares To US Government

John Calipari has his swag back, thanks to this promising group of youngsters he has as a basketball team.

Kentucky head coach John Calipari has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinions, no matter how controversial they may be. KSTV interviewed the head man of the Wildcats and let's just say that Cal didn't hold back on his thoughts on the NCAA and the current US government shutdown.

Here are some of the more interesting points in the video:

  • Calipari believes there will be a fourth division in the NCAA in the next few years
  • He calls into question "extra benefits" such as food for the players
  • He likens the NCAA to the US Government: "It's kinda like our government right now. It's not working"
  • He weighs in on the player lawsuits against EA Sports and the NCAA: :"They're gonna win"
  • Brandon Knight's family wasn't in New Jersey to witness him hitting the game winning shot against Ohio State: "Why would we not let the parents come with us (to the NCAA tournament) so they can see their child."

Like anything with coach Cal, it's worth a viewing.