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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: The News In Blue 10/25/2013

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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: E..I...EIO......dagnabbit!!

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Well, finally Friday. A little bluer than usual today as the Cats dropped a close one. But I have to say this. MSU may be a lower-tier SEC team, fine. Kentucky may wind up only winning one or two games this season, fine. But I saw enough from those young men last night to get me through the entire winter, drooling for next August. Mark Stoops is going to build the toughest defense in the SEC with a little help, a few breaks, and effort like those young men gave last night. I am impressed. No, I am stoked!! Great effort!

Larry Vaught has the stats. Coach Stoops wasn't happy with a lot of things, and I don't blame him. You can bet that this call was one of them. I think Coach Stoops should go after this kid...I know that anyone who can do that is useful somewhere.Team Speed Kills has a really smart take on the UK/MSU game.

Chalk up another record for Kentucky! And this one is not in sports, exactly. Who are Brad Stevens' heroes? Who else? This is even more impressive, DeMarcus Cousins wants to start earning that big paycheck, and leading his team.

Well, this didn't take long. C'mon Rick, I had your back on this one. Why start backpedaling now? I guess UK is not the only school with improvement in their scholastic efforts. Does this mean that the system is working or that schools are learning how to make it work? Did Urban Meyer know EXACTLY what he was doing when he left the excruciating pressure of the SEC for the relative comfort of the BigWhatever? Tayshaun Prince is not well. Not well at all.

Well, the Fall Classic is tightening up. Want to hear something that will make you feel old? The first game won by a kid born after 1990 tonight. Ugh. For those of you who have been across the pond to visit, live, or just hang out, does it surprise you that the NFL is playing three games in London next year? Can you say expansion? Maybe Richard Petty should head up the NCAA? Anyone has to be better than who we have. It's one thing to make a mistake, it is a complete other to BE a mistake.

I guess it's easy to see that Kliff Kingsbury is not coaching in the SEC. Texas Tech at 7-0? Put them in a real conference and see what happens. 4-3 maybe? The SEC doesn't like the NCAA's refereeing approach either. At least the NCAA Women's administrators are getting some things right. Royce White is back on the unemployment line. So much for what was shaping up to be a feel good story on a kid that could use it.

I do not advocate gambling. But if you are gonna do it, why not go big? Talk about your Father-Son issues.

And now for The Lynx That Wild Weasel Would Never Bring You:

A Halloween link to start us off. Some appetizing information here. Can't Tiger just play golf and not have someone trying to make his life miserable? Oh, yeah. That's not about Tiger. James Taylor DOES NOT make mistakes. That was an artistic segue.

I will let you folks come up with the Tweet of The Day. I will be pulling a 10 hour shift trying to help educate our collegiate youth about their finances. I am flat out amazed at what some schools call a student these days.