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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: The News In Blue 10/24/2013

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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: Links so easy, even a Louisville fan could find them.

Will we see more of this tonight?
Will we see more of this tonight?
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we are. Thursday. That pseudo-bland day before the weekend kicks in, the eagle flies, and the crazies come out to howl at the moon. What could be happening on a Thursday that's worth combing through all these links and wasted words of wit whilst wondering who willingly wasted wisdom and will in wresting these wonderful wisps of wonderment from the World Wide Web? Well, who knows? Let us see.

Oh yeah, the Cats are playing football tonight. In Starkville, Miss. against Mississippi State. I knew there was something. And it's on TV!! ESPN!! So where will you be when the whistle blows and Kentucky begins it's attempt to put win #2 on the books for this year? And when they do, they will be sporting the latest in advertising safety gear. As for next season, Mark Stoops has three more slots to fill. Who will it be? This would be a great way to start the renovations at Commonwealth Stadium.

Another "little" announcement from yesterday's news, it seems that history is going to try and repeat itself. The Kentucky Wildcats will play Texas Western (UTEP) in 2016. The promoters of the game are trying to have the game played in the same city where it was originally played, College Park, Maryland. On the 50th anniversary of Texas Western's biggest win in school history over the 'Cats. Who will be playing for Kentucky? No one knows. But this year, Kentucky has 5 of the country's top 30 freshmen. I'll take that. Will there be high expectations for the young Wildcats? Dang Skippy there will be.

For one, they better learn to sing this:

DeNesha Stallworth is starting out the UKHoops season in style.

It seems that the Kansas City Star doesn't believe Frank Haith's side of the story. Imagine that. We discussed this some the other day. How does Florida State maintain it's good relations with the Seminole tribe? And why does the world go nuts over Washington, but ignores F.S.U.? Here's something you won't see much of. A school that self-reports over 100 violations to the NCAA, offers to vacate wins, admits it was a failure in compliance and says it needs better checks and balances. How good will John Wall & Co. be in Washington this season? Will they be able to get into the NBA Finals new game format?

I promised you that we would follow the Fall Classic. I deliver. I didn't really want to do it, but I did. I told you that Josh Freeman had a bad day in his debut with the Vikes. It was worse than I thought. Randall Cobb got bad news as well. Seems he will not see action until week 15 of the NFL season at the earliest. His season is done, as the Pack places him on short-term IR. After last week, you just knew that there was gonna be a big shake up in the Bowl predictions. Bill Connelly gives the chances of all the possible teams winning out.

I just could not pass up today's Tweet of the Day, how I wish Tipton was really like this:

And now for The Links That Wild Weasel Will Never Bring You-  Paul McCartney buries the hatchet with Yoko Ono. Someone make sure it's not in the middle of her back. This waitress was fired from Hooters because she had a streak of hair on her head dyed blonde. Hooters' waitresses have hair? Who knew? A treasured icon who is as much a part of Kentucky history as the Cats. after meeting him I was needless to say, in awe.