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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: The News In Blue 10/23/2013

Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: " Can you hear me now? Good"

What?? What did I do??
What?? What did I do??
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Good Morning, Big Blue Nation!! This volume of the Kentucky Wildcat Lynx probably should be titled, "Greetings From Miami, Wish You Were Here" but that's too obvious for some of our more cerebral readers so I will skip the obvious and move on to what you folks paid to come here and do, comment on the news.

Clint Hurtt is still a Louisville Cardinal. He will remain so for at least the next two years. Why? Because the NCAA says so, and Tom Jurich is backing him up. There are two ways of looking at this from our side of things. One, Louisville and Jurich did what they felt like they had to do, back up their guy. You can call it what you will, and a lot of people already have, but the blame here does not rest with Louisville, unless your stance is that they should have been able to look at the evidence themselves and make a judgement call that Hurtt was a key player in a corrupt system and he took advantage of it, and thus broke NCAA rules. If that is your position, so be it, there is plenty of evidence pointing to that.

The other position is that Hurtt was a part of things that were going on before he arrived and he simply followed along, and thus was not a key player, at least not to the extent that some believe he was. If this is your position, then that's fine as well, because in truth, that's what the NCAA left us with. See, they opened a huge door, and Tom Jurich basically just said, "Don't mind if I do."

If the NCAA had made a ruling with any teeth in it, this would all be a moot point. But, the NCAA did not. they failed miserably in their duty, gave Louisville an out and Louisville took it. So did MissouriFrank Haith should thank God on high for the slap on the wrist he got. No blame from me for doing what they let you do. Louisville broke no NCAA regulations. In fact, they are following the NCAA's ruling to the letter. The ruling here is the mistake. The NCAA is no longer a valid entity in my mind. Mark Emmert is a joke, and his entire staff along with himself should resign and beg for forgiveness. What they have done in the time period that he has been the head of the NCAA in Indianapolis ought to have criminal charges attached to it somewhere. End of speech, and the links for this subject. That is all.

In the rest of the world, it's going to be a busy week. The UK Hoops Squad got their week cranked up with their media day yesterday. I love reading about people who have their priorities in order. Mitchell was possibly a better hire than John Calipari for Mitch Barnhart. Not because he is a better coach, or because he is a better person but because he is what the program needed. I am not talking about championships and history here. That's John Calipari. Cal fit in his spot like a glove. A bright, shiny glove that's very expensive and very eye-catching and works great.

Mitchell is like an old pair of work gloves that you know are not only gonna get the job done, but they were made to help you do your work better than you did before. Mitchell is just one of those people that like Cal, gets it. He's not in it for the show, although his dance moves may tilt that slightly. Mitchell is in it because he was made for this, for these players, for this school.Mitchell's job is not tougher than Cal's, it's just different. I love them both, but my gut tells me that Mitchell was the better call, because it was the tougher call. Just my opinion. Mitchell has found what UK needed in players and attitudes, and planning.

Not to step on any of the guys reporting recruiting news, but KSR has a pretty good breakdown of the 2014 Kentucky targets. Mark Stoops says the Cats are ready for Mississippi State. Good. I am looking forward to seeing what the young Cats can do with an opponent who does not have an "S" emblazoned on their chest. Will we see Jalen Whitlow? Heh. Stoops says that if Kentucky needs him, he will go. What a turnaround from two weeks ago. Max Smith is still the starter, and he says he is ready to lead.

What about all those UK players in the NBA? Have a look here at what their year might be like. Interested in what's left of the Big Least? Here's a preview of their year. Should you wish to get into a baseball frame of mind, here is something that may help. Which Superhero would be best at baseball?? Could they help either team win the World Series? Well, from reading some of the posts, either team could use some help. Who will come out on top? Who knows? Want to get caught up on the Fall Classic? Then here you go.

I was amazed at the Chiefs record and how they have played this season. Evidently some others are too. I would hate to be Josh Freeman this week. That kid had a nightmare debut for the Vikes. Are the Bengals SuperBowl material? As of this point, they are definitely the class of the AFC North anyway.

For our "Links That Wild Weasel Will Never Bring You" segment, we have Yao Ming. Yes, Yao Ming. No longer running up and down the court fighting with NBA centers, he is now fighting sharks. I mean for sharks. I mean against shark fins. Or something.

These are 8 places I will never go after dark. This is why colleges should have scholarships for players. And finally, I could not let the morning go by without some advice from Uncle Si.