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Kentucky Wildcats Afternoon Quickies: Upset Saturday Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Lots of upsets around the SEC yesterday. Targeting rule is causing continual uproar, likely to affect BCS. More.

Thomas B. Shea

Yesterday was upset Saturday in the SEC with LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas A&M all getting knocked off.

Tweet of the Morning:

Your Quickies:

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  • Billy Donovan praises Julius Randle.

  • This I like:

    Midnight Madness events are full of goofy stunts, as we’ve seen plenty of times already today. Cal might not dance, he might not get shot out of a cannon, and he might not jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but he doesn’t have to. The man brings the electricity to the building without stunts.

    I'm glad that Calipari doesn't go jumping out of planes and such. Let's just stick with the pyro and basketball.

  • Billy Donovan surpasses Adolph Rupp in SEC tournament victories. To be fair, though the SEC tournament was not always played during Rupp's career, something that the article fails to mention. From 1953-1978. Do you think Rupp might have won a few more games in the 25 seasons (actually 27, since Rupp began coaching in 1931 and the first SEC (then the Southern Conference) tournament wasn't contested until 1933) that the tournament was missing?

    As I see it, this is a nice feather in Donovan's cap, but a pretty meaningless one, considering we aren't really talking apples to apples.

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  • Is the Pac-12 the best conference in college football right now? Well, I think there are some good points made here, but Alabama has now reached Alabama altitude, I think.

  • Louisville's dreams dashed by Friday loss to UCF. Goodbye Sugar Bowl, hello Russell Athletic Bowl? Ouch. And, the final insult:

    There's just one problem with that Russell Athletic Bowl on December 28. That's the same date of the Kentucky-Louisville basketball game.

    Heh. Karma? Well, Hank will have more to say on that today.

  • What a day in college football. USA Today runs down all the damage and destruction.

  • The "targeting" penalty makes me yell at the TV constantly, and actually had me musing about not watching any more football games until they do away with the stupid parts of it. It really drives me nuts. In the Georgia game, it arguably affected the outcome.

    Predictably, Dawg Sports had a lot to say about this, and this struck me as right:

    Ramik WIlson made a great play to break up a pass on 4th down, essentially lowering his shoulder into Vandy's Jonathan Krause and jarring the ball loose. Initially, he was ejected for targeting. This was overturned, but a 15-yard personal foul penalty was assessed leading to another Vandy touchdown. As bad as Ray Drew's ejection was, this particular play was worse in my opinion. Not because it kept Vandy's drive alive and lead to a score, but because it, more than any other targeting call this season, points out The Emasculation of The Game. Right there.

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