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Kentucky Football: Stoops Blows His Top

Mark Stoops lost it a little bit after practice today.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that's long overdue. While we've been focusing on Big Blue Madness campers, Mark Stoops was really, really, really ... did I mention extremely really mucho angry at the football Wildcats. He wasn't just upset, he was sputtering, repeating-the-same-thing-over-again mad. When you start repeating yourself constantly that's a sign you've lost your temper in no small way. Kyle Tucker has the brutal details, and here is a taste:

ON IF SOME OF IT IS GUYS WHO WENT 2-10 NOT KNOWING WHAT IT TAKES TO GET TO A HIGH LEVEL: "No, they don’t know. They don’t know what it takes. They don’t. South Carolina’s been doing things right for about, what, 14 years now? Minimum? Two Hall of Fame coaches for 14 years? Those are some grown men. And they play the game the way it’s supposed to be played, ’cause they’ve been doing things right for 14 years. At least. We’ve been trying to do things right. I can’t speak for other times. I know I’ve been trying to do things right, our coaches are trying to do things right, and I told you and I told them: I’m gonna tell them like it is. I’ll tell you like it is. There’s no games with me. There’s no, ‘This day I’m gonna get upset.’ It’s not like that. I’m frustrated and the bottom line is, like I told you, we’re gonna get it out of them. When I don’t know. But it’s not OK. It’s not all right."

I've been waiting for this, and I'm not sure if it's overdue, or if it's the right time. Probably the right time. Coaches have to sometimes do things to get the attention of the team, and if this one doesn't get their attention, I'm not sure what will.

This team needs to face reality — they must overachieve just to be competitive against the South Carolina Gamecocks on the road. It isn't even about winning the game — if you are uncompetitive, you have no chance at all to win.

Stoops said today that this team practiced like a team doomed to be uncompetitive, and he's right, that's not okay.