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Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: The News In Blue 10/18/2013

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Welcome to the Lynx. Where the rough is deep and the greens are slick, and nerves are shattered.

The Face That Will Launch A Ninth Championship.
The Face That Will Launch A Ninth Championship.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It's Friday, Sports Fans!! The lead into the weekend. The day the eagle flies. Finally Friday! Have plans for the weekend? Planning on catching up on some of that last minute yard work since the Gridiron Cats have the weekend off and are trying to heal up? Well, don't get too antsy just yet. we have a little piece of unfinished business this week. A little party with about 24,000 of your closest friends, and a few good young men, AND women. Will there be movie stars? Historical Music Legends? A party of epic proportions? How about all of the above?

At 7:30PM E.S.T. tonight, the Commonwealth will be shutting down for business. No, this is no government shutdown, this is a state holiday. By 3:30-4:00PM, people will begin to fill the parking lots, shops, watering holes, restaurants, and other UK fan favorite locations around Rupp Arena. By 5:30-6:00 the lines will begin to form outside the doors of the hallowed halls named for the man who started it all. And then it will begin. Big Blue Madness is back for 2013. And it's bringing a world of hurt for the rest of college basketball with it.

First off, we have a list of things that the University of Kentucky has had to disallow at Big Blue Madness, brought to you by none other than KSR. Please pay close attention to #10 if you are actually going. I would like to know if Cal still manages to pull this one off! This piece is something for you poets in the BBN.  If you are going to Madness, be sure to say hello to these fine young men if you see them.

Exclusive for ASOB! Well, OK, not REALLY exclusive! Just really good. A preview of tonight's BBM:

And now for Gary Parrish and his take on Kentucky's chances:

More sheer delight, this time in slow motion:

And because I was drooling after I watched the last one:

From the outhouse to the penthouse in one year. This may be the way it will go as long as John Calipari can keep bringing in the best talent the nation has to offer. Basketball isn't the only sport that Wildcats excel at, two Kentucky defensive stars named midseason All-SEC.

There will be no shortage of bulletin board material this year for the young Cats to read:

"As soon as they play a real top team, they're going to see it's not just a walk in the park. One and done is not for everybody."-Florida's Patric Young

Just in case Big Blue Madness is not enough to keep you entertained all weekend, some old friends are gonna be in town for a visit, you might want to spend a little time with them while they are here.

You are Mark Stoops, what would you do about this problem? Care to hear C.M. Newton's take on the Calipari-Pitino rivalry? I did. It's worth the read. Mike DeCourcy has another really good piece about recruiting shortfalls so far for 2014. Guess who is not on the list of teams coming up short? But he does have a few things to say about Doug Gottlieb. He also says that every Top 10 preseason college team has issues.

The Cardinal Rule: OK, so now we do not know if we will see Chane Behanan when the Cats play Louisville this season. Some of you are convinced that he will have a miraculous mental recovery right before the Kentucky game, become humbled by what Coach Pitino and AD Jurich have done to help him and bring him to his senses and he will be there to save the day for the boys in red, white and black. Well, who cares? If he is there, fine, if not, he has no one to blame but himself. Of course if he does not make it back it will be a conspiracy of some type that we, the Big Blue Nation have created, at least according to our brothers down the road. But that's OK too.

Moving on to our Tweet of the Day:

And now for the Links that Wild Weasel Will Never Bring You: I have to say this, and I know I will probably be roasted for it. Zombies are complete stupidity. Where in the world this zombie craze came from is beyond me. It's worse than the whole teenage vampires are cool business. However, when Mythbusters gets involved, I have to at least see what's happening. There's your Halloween

And onto my theme for this week, we have talked about where the pitfalls of college sports are, whether or not it is a place for decent people. So how could we make it better? Well, here are a few ideas. You tell me if they would work. Have a good weekend, folks. Back with you on Monday for more of our travels into the world of the Big Blue Nation. I have a feeling that after this weekend we will have lots to talk about.

I'm outta here!!

Greg, it's a first for you ... You have now been video-bombed too. -a2d2

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