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College Football: SEC Power Poll, Post-Week 7 Ballot

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The Crimson Tide are still at the top, and the Wildcats still at the bottom. But there is some movement in between.

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It's time again for the SEC Power Poll ballot for Week 7. The very top and very bottom are pretty much the same, but in-between, we've seen some movement, particularly Georgia due to the home loss to Missouri. South Carolina's beat-down of Arkansas and Georgia falling down produced some movement for them, and LSU's victory over Florida in Death Valley put them at #2, where I pretty much expect them to stay until they clash with the Tide on November 9th.

Notice Georgia and Florida sitting there, right beside each other, with only a game and a bye week separating them from the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. I've got that one circled, and a whole lot depends on if Michael Bennett's torn meniscus recovery, and anxiously awaiting the return of Todd Gurley from an ankle. By then, there is a good chance leading tackler Ramik Wildson will also finally be available, making the Bulldogs about as healthy as they are likely to get.

Anyway, this is how I see it. Your comments are encouraged.

Rnk Team Chg cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Next opponent Remarks
1 Alabama - 3-0 6-0 49.42 233-68 27.5 1 Arkansas On another level. This team keeps getting better, and they were way too good for Kentucky.
2 LSU +2 3-1 6-1 52.27 290-154 19.4 6,8 at Mississippi Maybe the only team good enough to challenge Alabama, but after this weekend, I'm not even sure they are.
3 Texas A&M - 2-1 5-1 56.18 287-192 15.8 7 Auburn Keeps winning with offense, but that's not going to hold up forever.
4 South Carolina +1 3-1 5-1 56.59 207-136 11.8 11,9 at Tennessee After a scare versus Kentucky, they took Arkansas apart. Connor Shaw for Heisman? Sure looked good on Saturday.
5 Missouri +2 2-0 6-0 52.46 274-138 22.7 14 Florida Impressive offense from Mizzou. I've doubted them, but no more. Georgia was beat up, but not enough to justify a home loss.
6 Georgia -4 3-1 4-2 58.26 225-202 3.8 15,16 at Vanderbilt Weak defense looks even weaker after Missouri rolled up 454 yards between the hedges.
7 Florida -1 3-1 4-2 60.21 131-78 8.8 22,21 at Missouri Strong defense not strong enough to stop the Cam Cameron steamroller, but they did slow it down.
8 Auburn - 2-1 5-1 52.17 206-113 15.5 24,28,27 at Texas A&M 511 yards rushing is … pretty spectacular, even with a cupcake in your mouth.
9 Mississippi - 1-3 3-3 55 174-167 1.2 38 LSU Nice try. Just a little too much Manziel and a little to little defense. Giving up 241 yards on the ground and 300+ through the air will get you beat most times.
10 Vanderbilt - 0-3 3-3 47.11 202-159 7.2
Georgia Bye week
11 Tennessee - 0-2 3-3 59.97 190-168 3.7
South Carolina Bye week
12 Mississippi State +1 0-2 3-3 59.52 183-138 7.5
Oct 26, Kentucky Escaping Bowling Green by one might not be so bad if Urban Meyer were still there. Alas...
13 Arkansas -1 0-3 3-4 58.76 163-193 -4.3
at Alabama Noncompetitive game at home for homecoming. Yikes. Not the way to enamor yourself to the fan base, Bret Bielema.
14 Kentucky - 0-3 1-5 56.31 122-176 -9
Oct 26, at Mississippi State The Big Crimson Elephant came in and sat on the Wildcats, leaving destruction, chaos, and a greasy spot.