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Kentucky Football: Jalen Whitlow Out At Least One Game, Big Visit To UK Last Weekend

Jalen Whitlow has an ankle sprain, but we won't know how bad until tomorrow. It's bad enough to keep him out one game for sure, though.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

News has just come that Jalen Whitlow will likely miss at least one game, and that is the optimistic view. He will be re-evaluated on Tuesday after the swelling subsides. Obviously, the big fear here is that he has the dreaded "high ankle sprain," and if that is the case, he could miss as many as six weeks, which is effectively the rest of the regular season. I think we can safely say that, barring something extraordinary, there will be no post-season this year.

At this point, though, I think we can hold out hope it is no worse than a grade 2. I have no hope at all it is only a grade 1. I think one game is unlikely. He will most likely miss at least two games and possibly three. I know that is bad news, but while ankle sprains are familiar to virtually all of us, very few of us ever have to recover the kind of stability required of a dual-threat quarterback.

With all that said, I do think it's possible that he could return in time for Missouri, and certainly Vanderbilt, if the sprain is not grade 3 or a high ankle. If it is either of those two, we have to expect the staff to keep him out at least six weeks. He may be able to play against Tennessee, in that case, possibly Georgia as well.

While I was typing this, Justin Rowlands of Rivals tweeted this:

For the moment, I can't reveal the player's name, since this isn't really out there in the mainstream yet, but he is a 4* defensive tackle that Kentucky could really, really, really use.

UPDATE:  Article at the Herald-Leader has more.