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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Columbus Day Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky licks wounds after being crushed by Alabama. No firm news yet on Jalen Whitlow. Big Blue Madness is coming this Friday. More.

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The Quickies will soon be a'changin'. Greg will be taking over the morning news post on a routine basis, and I'll be filling in for him there when necessary. That will serve a useful dual purpose — provide Greg with a column that he has the time to do, and provide me with an opportunity to get back to writing more about the things I really enjoy. In other words, a win-win.

The format will change, but it will still be as interesting, and hopefully more so, than anything I ever did. Fresh take and all that. I think you'll enjoy it, hopefully even more than the Quickes. The Quickies will still be around on Weekends and odd days when Greg can't do his, so they aren't going to the blog graveyard or anything.

So welcome Greg's new column, name still pending. I guess we'll all find out tomorrow.

Tweet of the Morning:

A little rah-rah never hurt a a soul. We could use a bit around here — I've been pretty hard on the team and coaches. But honestly, we have to judge what we see, not just cheer for the future we hope for.

Heh. Indeed.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Mark Stoops knew that there would be days like this. Yeah, no doubt. When hope meets reality, the result is usually pretty ugly.

  • The Tide shows the 'Cats where they stand. More like where we lie.

    Alabama showed Kentucky that while Louisville, Florida and South Carolina were good teams, there is a big step up to playing the nation’s No. 1 team, and showing it just what a job Stoops faces if he wants to close the talent gap on the Southeastern Conference’s best team.

  • Bye week coming just in time. No doubt about that.

  • "Drastic improvements" must be made — Neal Brown. Word, Neal. How's about we start with not calling quarterback sneaks on 4th and 2 with Maxwell Smith under center? Sorry, but that call still galls me.

  • Kudos for Eric Dixon's play. Yeah, he was the best of a bad lot Saturday, and he gives us something to hang a little hope on.

  • It wasn't all bad on Saturday. Coach Cal was helping out Mark Stoops with a major recruit, just in case you missed it from the game thread:

    More here.

  • This:

Kentucky basketball
  • One word: Stupidity. Sorry , but this take is just stupid and wrong. DBR is usually pretty good, but this post is just pure, unfixable stupidity.

  • Derek Willis has exactly the attitude we want. He wants to play, and play right away.

    Freshman forward Derek Willis concedes that it’s going to be a battle to receive playing time between he and his highly-touted teammates.

    But Willis believes he can make a difference for UK right away.

  • Dickie V. thinks we're pretty. Hat tip: Paul Jordan

  • New blog to me. Comments on Calipari's women's clinic.

  • Shut up, she explained.

    Look, you don't get to coach college football and deny the right for fans to make legitimate criticism. I'm glad this lady loves Kentucky, but I'm alarmed that she can't allow fans to be honest about what they see on the field. Yes, Stoops & Co. do need time, and they'll get it. In the meantime, coaches are people, too, and they don't poop ice cream. What are we supposed to do here, be totally dishonest homers and ignore the errors?

    No. Not ever. Not here. As we all know by now, blog criticism has no effect on recruiting. Heck, if a 1-5 start can't shake the faith of recruits, a little legitimate criticism surely won't matter. It isn't as if people are calling for a coaching change.

    Put on your big boy pants and act like adults. Stand by your coach and players.

    I have a better idea. Stop being an all-in homer and call them as you see them, or at least stop blasting those who do. Nothing galls me more than people who cannot brook legitimate criticism of something they love. This is what an ostrich looks like when it hides its head in the sand — backside above brains.

    I wonder if she felt the same way last year? Just askin'.

Links posts
College football
  • Big news:

  • First BCS Harris Poll comes out. You might have thought Alabama and Oregon would be closer in terms of votes. You would be wrong.

  • Texas fans aghast at their upset of Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry. I wonder what this means for Mack Brown?

College basketball
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