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Alabama 48 at Kentucky 7: Postmortem

This game sucked out loud, and in every way. UK got hurt as well as thrashed.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, that was a singularly unpleasant experience in every conceivable way. The good news is that this tough stretch of football is over. The bad news is that the injury bug, which has been avoiding us, mercifully, for most of the season, decided to show up and put a little bit of mustard on it's efforts.

Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide. They were a vastly superior team, and honestly, they didn't even bring their best game. What this game represents is an exposition on how far Kentucky has yet to go event to be competitive in the SEC.

Moving on to observations, here are mine:

  • Despite the announcer's comments, the two fumbles by Alabama were legitimate strips by Kentucky. We may suck, but those were good plays.

  • Ah, the offense. It was just embarrassing. Neal Brown must be on suicide watch. I would be if I were him.

  • The first quarter was very strong for Kentucky's defense. They really had a lot going on, but they just don't have the depth, nor enough help from the offense, to sustain it.

  • This game was uncompetitive, but it wasn't because Kentucky wasn't willing. We were just completely overmatched in every position, almost like playing an NFL team or something. And Alabama didn't even seem to bring their "A" game.

  • Eric Dixon had his best game as a Wildcat. He laid the wood on many Alabama players, and did a lot of good things out there.

  • The defensive line continues to suck. We didn't even get an ounce of pressure on A. J. McCarron. Because of that, he took us apart.

  • Arm tackling, which looked like it had been trained out of the 'Cats last game, showed up again. To be fair, it was most likely from fatigue.

  • Maxwell Smith did not look that good. Why no Patrick Towles? I suppose the staff did not want to burn his redshirt. Whatever.

  • Neal Brown called a crappy game. He needs to do better.

  • What the hell was that quarterback sneak on 4th and about 2? Stupid. That's a play you never run other than on 1 yard or less.

  • This:

    May be due to some of the media acting out before the game ended, mocking Kentucky. I had a report or two that was happening, but I can't say for sure.

  • I don't think Mark Stoops will be pleased with the effort. I'm not. This is going into my file of uncompetitive games this season, and that's a knock against the coaching staff.

  • The staff better get used to Maxwell Smith, because I suspect Jalen Whitlow will be out for 2 weeks or more.

  • Saban going for it on 4th and 1 with a 41-7 lead, in my mind, was douchebaggery. I had not expected that sort of crap from him. Don't defend it, Alabama fans, you will lose.

  • With that previous statement made, you have to say that the second string has a right to try to score. That doesn't change my opinion, and I'll defend it with savagery, but it's an argument I wouldn't do murder for.

That's about all I have. Some of this team tried to stand up, but most of them seemed to surrender after the third quarter. I feel for them, but you just can't do that in the SEC. You can't.

The best thing about the game is it's ending. Now, we can move on to the part of the schedule where we have teams that are not vastly superior. We may even win a few. Who knows?