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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Alabama Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Alabama comes to Commonwealth Stadium tonight to play the Wildcats. Archie Goodwin looks like the future of the Phoenix Suns. More.

Al Messerschmidt


Tweet of the Morning:

Not something you think you'd see.

Oscar Combs is always worth a link.

"Creating more millionaires than a Wall Street firm."

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Pretty good look at the game from a blog I don't know.

    For Kemp in the Wildcats, it’s time to put up or shut up. Though Kentucky is scoring 23.0 points per game, their defense is 59th in the nation giving up 25.6 points per game. They must come out and challenge Alabama if they are even thinking about keeping this one close.

  • Kentucky has played undefeated Alabama teams a total of 19 times in history.

  • Stoops is no-nonsense when it comes to Alabama:

    When asked by a reporter if Alabama would be susceptible against a running QB , like his QB Jalen Whitlow, he honestly replied "no," Stoops said, via "They have no weakness in their defense. They don't have any weakness on their team, as you can imagine with the No. 1 team in the country."

  • Gee, I hope so. [Hank]

  • Nice piece about Ryan Timmons. [Hank]

Kentucky basketball
  • Calipari talks about the block/charge call:

    "I mean, just do what the NBA does: if it’s even close, it’s a block. Stop it. Play defense. Quit trying to, you know, have a bearing on the game because you’re not this, we’re going to do this to play. No. You’ve got to play basketball, and if you’re in there flopping around … If you’re on the ball and a guy sticks his shoulder down, that’s a charge. If you’re standing there and his head is down, he runs you (over), that’s a charge. If this guy’s driving, he comes over, ‘Well his toe was (makes random noises) … We had to blah?’ What, that’s a charge? No. If it’s close, it’s a block. What I hope they do. Good for the game.

    I think this is right.

  • Stoops in a "successful" stretch? I suppose you could look at it that way, under the circumstances.

Links posts
College football
College basketball
  • Four early-season basketball tournaments you need to watch. The Champions Classic, which Kentucky plays Michigan St. in, didn't make the cut because it's not actually a tournament.

    All of them are worthy, but the NIT Season Tip-off looks like the best of the bunch to me.

  • Memphis assistant coach donates a kidney to his sister. Awesome.

Other sports news
  • Archie Goodwin the future of the Suns? Some seem to think so. Goodwin was very much miscast last year as the only player on Kentucky's team who could get his own shot. That skill really has helped him in the NBA so far:

    After watching Goodwin in the Suns’ preseason opening victory over Israeli League champion Maccabi Bazan Haifa Monday, coach Jeff Hornacek pointed out an instinctual knack to the player’s game, too.

    "We called a couple plays out of timeouts (that) were really designated for another guy," Hornacek said, "but they denied that guy and (Goodwin) just automatically interchanged and ran the play.

    "As coaches, that’s just playing basketball. We can’t sit there and tell them every scenario that will happen out there. They’ve just got to make their own reads at times and he did a good job of that."

    Hat tip: Aaron's blog

  • Wouldn't it be nice if media outlets across the country did this? Central Florida HS Stats and Cincinnati Metro area stats. [Hank]

  • Cleveland Metro area top 25. [Hank]

  • Games of interest in Georgia. [Hank]