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SEC Power Poll: Ballot for Week Ending 1.27.2013

A Sea of Blue's SEC Power Poll submission for the week ending 1.27.2013

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Here's my ballot for last week's SEC action:

Rnk Team Overall Conf Comments
1 Florida 16-2 6-0 Rolling everybody. Best team in the country right now.
2 Mississippi 17-2 6-0 Could stand to lose the attitude until they beat somebody at full strength – UK, perhaps?
3 Missouri 15-4 4-2 Need Bowers back in the worst way.
4 Kentucky 13-6 4-2 Undisciplined, inconsistent, inchoate, and running out of time.
5 Alabama 12-7 4-2 Tough loss against the Vols. Still in it, though.
6 Arkansas 12-7 3-3 Getting crushed on the road in Columbia is no way to right a listing ship.
7 Tennessee 10-8 2-4 Alabama win was a big one, but 2-4 is a bad place to be at this point.
8 Texas A&M 12-7 2-4 Beat Kentucky at home, and then curled up into the fetal position.
9 Louisiana St. 10-7 1-5 Gave Kentucky a scare. Can they pull the upset against reeling Mizzou?
10 Vanderbilt 8-10 2-4 Perhaps better than expected, but still not very good.
11 South Carolina 12-7 2-4 Big win against the Hogs at home, but Gators gon' get 'em, I fear.
12 Georgia 8-11 2-4 Is the road win against A&M a sign of life, or just an involuntary twitch?
13 Auburn 8-11 2-4 Almost got the Rebels at home. At least their fans got on all sorts of web sites when Henderson mocked them.
14 Mississippi St. 7-11 2-4 Dogging it this year.

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