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LSU 31 at Kentucky 42: Second Half Game Thread

We have seen a lot of good Kentucky play offensively, but the defense has been a little suspect so far. Holding the offensively-challenged shooters to 35.5% from the field may look good, but it works out to 41% effective FG percent. Good, but not great. But UK is shooting 59% eFG, which is really good.

Kyle Wiltjer, Alex Poythress, Nerlens Noel and Julius Mays all had very good first halves. Free throw shooting continues to be a problem, mostly because Archie Goodwin can't seem to make them. UK is doing a decent job on the offensive glass, for this team, picking up 37% offensive rebounds.

Now, if the Wildcats can only come out strong for the second half and play for 40 minutes, I'd count this as a very good win.

Go, 'Cats.