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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza - Billy Gillispie Edition

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All the talk this morning, and early afternoon, have been about Billy Gillispie and the Jeff Goodman article that purports to reveal some very damaging information about him while at Texas Tech. If substantially true as written, Gillispe should be dismissed and not allowed to coach at any level. Many of these allegations are remarkably similar to the ones made when Gillispie departed UK.

Tweet of the morning:

This is likely why.

Also, for those of you wondering about the difference between the Linkapalooza and Quickies, there really is none. Linkapaloozas are for afternoon and evening, Quickies are for morning updates. This was slated for a Quickies post, but sometimes other priorities intrude.

Your links follow the jump.

Clash of ineptitudes: Kent State vs. Kentucky // Kyle Tucker – UK Beat

All I can say is "ouch" to that title.

Billy Clyde Gillispie Has Gone Off The Deep End. Again // Barking Carnival
The deep end is not a friendly place for Gillispie, who appears to have proven the Peter Principle correct.

Corn Maze Celebrates Kentucky's 2012 National Championship[Pic] // The Hoop Doctors

Saw this a while back on Twitter. Pretty cool.

Maxwell Smith gives Kentucky a chance // John Clay's Sidelines

John makes a lot of sense here, and if the Louisville defense is better than it looked on Sunday, it's possible UK can do more damage than many think.

At least the defense won't have the excuse of being tired if the offense continues to perform, unlike last year.

Freshman RB Mobley says he is getting better every day, anxious to help team more // vaughtsviews

More proof, if you actually needed any, that picking up blitzes is the biggest obstacle to getting on the field as a freshman running back.

Tom Leach // Wednesday Links

Breaking Bad: UK D-line needs improvement prior to SEC play // The Kentucky Kernel

I like the short passing game. It is very effective and hard on defenses, if Kentucky will only stop with the long slowdowns and keep the tempo up.

The Wildcats do need to throw more downfield, and I think they will as the season goes on and all these players get experience. The QB himself is only a sophomore, as are many of his targets. Short passes build confidence, and as they get more confident, you'll see more downfield throws.

Penn State's legal fees for Sandusky case at $16.8 million // NBC Sports

Great Zot!

Boyd grateful for opportunity to start against Kent State // WKYT

I think Boyd earned it. He played well against Louisville, and deserves a chance to prove he can be what we always hoped he could.

Apparently, he is doing well enough in practice that Phillips will reward him.

Phillips blames coaches for poor defensive play, also says linebackers have to dramatically improve // vaughtsviews

I knew this, but I hate to blame the linebackers. The defensive line is more experienced. The linebacking corps is painfully young and lacks reps. Plus, linebackers have what I consider to be the toughest job in football.

But Phillips is right, the linebackers were dreadful on Sunday. I have issues with the line because they are experienced, and should have picked up the slack.

Kentucky Sports Radio // 5 Spots Left in John Calipari Experience

Any wealthy people out there that want to be treated like a UK basketball player, and rub elbows with some legends?

SEC calls Franklin over missed call // The Daily News Journal

I hope they apologized on behalf of the SEC for that flub.

SEC Blitz, Week 2 // Team Speed Kills

What the other blogs are saying around the SEC.

Kentucky drops Gamecock Classic to St. Johns on a late penalty kick // Top Drawer Soccer

With Ugly National Headlines, Cloud Gathering Over Guerrero’s UCLA Basketball Program // Bruins Nation

UCLA fans have noticed, and are displeased, by the rash of negative headlines.

Sorry, Bruin fans, but when you recruit at the top of the food chain, this is part of what you have to deal with these days.

Jeff Jacobs: Why Did UNC Not Get Punished For Cheating //

A lot of people want the answer to this question, but none appears to be forthcoming.

Dear coaches: Show me.

Are They Terrified? Big Team Blogs Measure Upcoming MAC Opponents // Hustle Belt

Hustle Belt has some fun at our expense. But honestly, how insufferable would the blogosphere be to UK partisans, especially considering how insufferable we can be about basketball, if a MAC team that tried to unintentionally score a safety for an opponent were to beat Kentucky?

My blogging career is at stake this weekend, coach Phillips. Have mercy. Win big.