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Next Kentucky Wildcats Opponent Kent St. Golden Flashes Try To Score For Towson St., Towson St. Stops Them

Consider this video:

Kent St. punts to Towson St., and the ball hits a Towson player, becoming a "live" football. A Kent St. player picks up the ball and runs toward the Kent St. goal line.

Towson players run him down, preventing him from scoring a safety FOR Towson.

Does this mean that Kent St. sucks and we'll beat them 45-10? I sure hope so. Because after this incident, if UK manages to look bad, or God forbid, lose against the Golden Flashes, so help me I am giving up this gig and going to work for the mothership as a graveyard shift writer covering ladies water polo or BMX, and writing under a nom de plume.

Football is a cruel, cruel sport. It should be banned and replaced by cricket. Now, there is a game we can all be equally confused by, and win or lose, there's always a picnic with lots of adult beverages.

Or perhaps NCAA caber-tossing. Either way.