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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Back to Work Edition

Morning Quickies
Morning Quickies

It's Tuesday after the long holiday, and almost everybody is back to work, wishing they had one more day. I'm one of them.

It just occurred to me that the offensive line played pretty well on Sunday. Despite many blitzes by the Louisville defense, Maxwell Smith still had a good day throwing the football and only got sacked twice, although he did have a couple of effective sacks when he was hurried. Still, considering all the blitzes, I thought the line played very well. The defensive line, now ...

Tweet of the morning:

Heh. Your quickies follow the jump:

Kentucky Offers Karl Towns // Nation of Blue

Imagine that!

Adolph Rupp’s birthday is Sept. 2, Former UK coach would have been 111 years old // CollegeBasketballTalk
Calipari still has a good ways to go to catch Adolph Rupp's winning percentage.

Can Kentucky stay afloat after NBA exodus? // Andy Glockner -

Missouri? Seriously? Florida is a bigger threat than they are next year. Via Troy Machir.

Cats know they have a lot to work on ahead of home opener //

Joker Phillips emphasized this simple point in his post-game news conference after Kentucky's loss at Louisville on Sunday: "We're better than that."

I reiterate my comment from the other day: Show me.

NCAA Investigating Wasserman Basketball Agent Thad Foucher's Ties To UCLA's Kyle Anderson // Sports Agent Blog

Is there anyone in UCLA's recruiting class the NCAA is NOT investigating?

Lowlights: Washington State's failure to launch, and more of the worst of Week 1 //

Not only do we suck out loud at football, but we win Matt Hinton's worst fan of the week as some poor fool can't successfully complete a high-five without a faceplant.

Oh, the humanity...

Burden, Lumpkin signed to NFL practice squads // John Clay's Sidelines

It's a job. Beats the crap out of being a greeter at Wal-mart.

John Calipari Is More Than A College Basketball Coach // Wildcat Blue Nation

Calipari deserves to be admired? Well, he is, at least in this state. Who cares about the other 49?

Mark Story: Joker Phillips needs a rally like the one that saved Rich Brooks in 2006 //

Yeah, that would help. We have to find somebody on the team who can play defense, though.

Florida having tough time selling its football tickets // John Clay's Sidelines

Go figure that. Florida having trouble selling tickets? This instant gratification society and legions of fair-weather fans seem to be swamping the nation.

Reports: Honey Badger to enroll at LSU Tuesday // CollegeFootballTalk

What's he going to major in, bong construction? Seriously, I do hope the young man gets his head back on straight and earns a degree.

UCLA admits two top basketball signees not yet eligible // John Clay's Sidelines

Well, they do have time. Classes don't start there until Sept. 27th.

Kentucky just a seven-point favorite over Kent State // John Clay's Sidelines

* Sigh *. Well, I guess we shouldn't expect less. If Western scores on Alabama, will they be a favorite against UK?

Forde-Yard Dash: Empty seats fill college football's opening weekend // Yahoo! Sports

More empty-seat blues. Fair-weather fans are everywhere.