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Update: Latest Injury Report Plus Tidbits

First and foremost, Maxwell Smith will be starting at quarterback, but there's more:

  • "Max (Smith) threw the ball, threw the ball well today, and should play."
  • On Mister Cobble: "We’ll (dress) him; don’t know if he’ll play" Conditioning is apparently the problem, he has been out for several days. I'm really glad to hear he's better.
  • CoShik Williams is definitely out.
  • Safety Ashely Lowery is doubtful. Concussion-like symptoms. Martavius Neloms is likely replacement.
  • Cornerback Cartier Rice is doubtful. Freshman Cody Quinn the likely replacement if Neloms goes at safety.
  • Running back Justin Taylor will definitely redshirt this year, but his knee is fine. They just can't find enough reps for him behind the other three (or four) backs when Williams is healthy.
  • A final decision has not been made on whether or not Glenn Faulkner will redshirt, but one will probably be coming soon. I'd say that this status has changed a little bit. Lowery could be the reason why.