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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - SB Nation Refresh Edition

News and links from around the Big Blue Internet. For Kentucky Wildcats fans.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Well, you are all no doubt aware of the new look for SBNation. There have been, and will continue to be a few growing pains, but trust me when I tell you that we are all working very hard to get this thing right. We'll get there very soon.

Tweet of the Morning:

The word, "mutiny" comes immediately to mind.

Students bear brunt of college arms race // Soaring loan debt parallels the decline in public dollars

A combination of factors has boosted costs so that students have to mortgage their futures for a college degree. The reasons include declining taxpayer subsidies for state colleges, increasing pay and more expensive retirement and health insurance costs for faculty, administrators and other employees, and an arms race among universities to have the best of everything — rankings, facilities, faculties and sports wins.

Via Mike DeCourcy. Athletics excellence comes at a cost -- to students.

Kentucky Sports Radio // UK President Eli Capilouto Talks About Football Funding

I suspect what we are seeing here is lip service. Capilouto has other priorities, and worthy ones.

Larry Warford will not share any food reward if he has most knockdown blocks again // vaughtsviews

Just as long as we're not putting bounties on people. That's a joke, but what isn't has been Warford's outstanding play.

Three Big Things: Indiana - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

For all the progress Indiana made on defense last season, it still has a ways to go. This is where those waves of bodies -- particularly the athletic freshmen, who should cover up some of the holes on the perimeter and at the power forward position -- should come in handy.

Bah. Their freshman have comparatively little defensive talent, and neither do their upperclassmen. We'll see.

ESPNU Midnight Madness Tips off NCAA Basketball Season with 14 Team Debuts on Oct. 12 // ESPN MediaZone

Hard to believe that Big Blue Madness is almost here. Via Troy Machir.

North Carolina academic scandal basketball Roy Williams // Sporting News

Of course there is a double-standard with North Carolina. Just look at ESPN's college basketball site where North Carolina has its own tab. No other school does.

Does the NCAA have it's own North Carolina tab? Apparently. // Quarterback picture remains clouded

“I've been down there (at The Swamp) when we put a freshman quarterback in there, and it's pretty tough. And we just felt like we wanted to start Morgan. And we did. Didn't work out. Didn't play as well as we would have liked. But we still think that that was the right decision.”

Maybe in the first half. But not in the second.

A successful football program would help university // The Kentucky Kernel

Doubtless, this is true. Don't hold your breath.

John Calipari embraces charitable role // The Kentucky Kernel

This is something Calipari has done for a long time. He was very active in charities while in Memphis, too. Not sure about UMass.