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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Dust Yourself Off Edition

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Yes, Saturday down in the Swamp versus the Florida Gators was ugly. We have talked about that. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get ready to go back into the fray. This weekend, we have The Visor and South Carolina coming to town. Time for an upset.

Also, I'll be on with Tom Leach at around 9:15 AM this morning.

Which brings me to the Tweet of the Monring:


Your quickies follow the jump.

Ira Combs' Weekly Column

Then again there are those in the inner circles of UK athletics who believe the two guys at the top are the real root of the problem with UK football. Maybe they're right but It's hard to defend that angle of needing more money and upgrades in facilities when SEC brothers like Mississippi State and South Carolina are pulling in a lot more wins and getting much more accomplished with a lot less money than what UK is spending at the present time with their budget.

A lot of painful truth in there.

Kentucky tops Texas A&M in five sets // Aggie Sports

Congrats to the volleyball team on a big win at TAMU.

Men’s soccer extends winning streak // The Kentucky Kernel

After a tough start this year, men's soccer is now on a 3-game winning streak that started in Louisville and hasn't ended yet.

Tom Leach // Monday links

Kentucky makes Tyler Roberson’s final 6 // Recruiting

Roberson looks like a backup plan to me.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Nerlens Noel Joins Team Lane Goodwin
Very nice thing for Noel to do.

Kentucky’s drives at The Swamp // John Clay's Sidelines

Read 'em and weep. I think Shields dropped that pass on the first drive, it hit him right in the hands if not in the numbers.

Kentucky Joe’s got to go // The Kentucky Kernel

To me, this article is a little incoherent, but I think the conclusion is probably right. Kentucky can't go on hemorrhaging fan support like this, it's just too costly.

Cal encourages change through teamwork, persistence at Clinton Global Initiative //

I have no comment on the politics of this and I don't want political commentary, but Calipari's remarks are worth reading. I find them notable because he simply did not address the political calculus despite the obvious connection some will draw from a speech made to an initiative sponsored former president Clinton.

i particularly liked this comment:

And lastly, the most important thing, is there a measure of the success? Can you measure it? I don’t like getting involved where there’s no scoreboard. We need to know that there’s a scoreboard. Now, if you don’t care about that what happens is, in my humble opinion, you’re investing to make yourself feel good.

Notwithstanding politics, I think we can all agree that initiatives that don't define and measure progress toward success are not useful. In a very nice way, that's the most important takeaway from what Coach Cal told the group.

No. 7 South Carolina, Missouri facing QB issues

So you're saying there's a chance for Kentucky? No? * sigh *

3-point shot: Kazemi seeks hardship waiver - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

3. Meanwhile, UCLA is still waiting on eligibility decisions on freshmen Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad. There is still time and if either or both are cleared by Oct. 12 or even Nov. 9 then no one will think twice about the prolonged clearance process. If they get game penalties or worse than it will have a dramatic effect on the Bruins’ season.

UCLA still has some time.

John Calipari comes to defense of John Wall // ProBasketballTalk

I actually agree with this take. Washington now has the pieces to be competitive, and the Arenas situation is no longer visible in the rear-view. The excuses should be gone. Time for John to live up to the promise of his prodigious talent.

Cancer-free Steve Lavin ready to return to sidelines for St. John's basketball // NY Daily News

Very good to hear. Welcome back, Coach Lavin.

Vanderbilt's lack of size becoming big problem // The Tennessean

Hope for us? We'll know when Georgia comes to town. If they manhandle us like Vandy, I'd say no.

Column: Time for SEC football weaklings to go // The Independent Florida Alligator: Sports

Florida fan site calling for Kentucky to be "kicked to the curb" and out of the SEC in football, authored by a guy with the unfortunate name of Joe Morgan

That would require 10 schools to vote to do it, according to the bylaws, so theoretically it could be done, and if it were, it might actually be in Kentucky football's best interests. Of course it won't, though. UK brings in way too much money, and asking UK to participate as a non-football member (which would require the SEC constitution to be revised) would be laughed out of Lexington. UK is a founding member of this conference, unlike Arkansas, South Carolina, Texas A&M and Missouri.

People who write crap like this are a joke to college sports, and this guy is not writing tongue-in-cheek. "The Confederate States of America?" Really? Would you care to join us in the 21's century, pal?

I'll bet he mailed in his article from his home in the middle of the Everglades from his porch on the swamp with the rebel flag hanging over it because he doesn't know how to work the Internet.

North Carolina tells NCAA no violations with Hansbrough // John Clay's Sidelines

As I said, this looks like a smoke screen. From the facts I have seen, there just isn't any conduct covered by the NCAA rules, although that didn't stop them in the Penn St. case. But I wouldn't look for UNC to be "Penn Stated."