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Kentuck Basketball: Adam Zagoria and Aaron Harrison Sr. Disagree

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Aaron Harrison Sr., the father of Andrew and Aaron Harrison, two of UK's prized recruits from 2013, fired back at Adam Zagoria's report yesterday that the Andrew and Aaron favored Kentucky but their father favors Maryland.

First of all, let me say that I have no idea who knows what. Zagoria is a reporter who knows people. Harrison Sr. is a father who wants the best for his children, and he is a family member, but by no means privy to everything his sons have said, and to whom.

What I find interesting is that it was a Maryland site that Mr. Harrison spoke to, which tends to make me wonder why. It isn't as if UK sources weren't trying to confirm that story by Zagoria, but for some reason, he chose to talk to the Maryland people. Is that a confirmation of Zagoria's story, at least the part about Aaron Sr. preferring Maryland? I don't know, but if I had to guess, I'd say, "probably."

On the other hand, I believe that the twins do in fact favor Kentucky, and I strongly suspect that in spite of his attack on Zagoria, Mr. Harrison does in fact favor Maryland. With that said, I am absolutely sold on Mr. Harrison's intimation that he wants whatever his boys want. I am convinced that he will let them make their own decision.

In the end, we can't know one way or the other for sure, but it is my considered and informed opinion that the younger Harrisons do, in fact, favor Kentucky, and have for some time. I am also convinced that isn't going to change, and when it comes time to pull the trigger, they will announce themselves as Wildcats.

Maryland fans are understandably grasping at whatever straws they can, because deep down they know they are likely to lose this one. It isn't that Maryland is a bad school, they are a fine school and Mark Turgeon is a fine coach. What Turgeon is not is John Calipari -- Calipari is the best recruiter in college basketball by a mile, and when he really, really wants a player, he gets them almost every time.

He really, really wants the Harrisons, and for good reason -- they are ridiculously talented and are completely unconcerned about who else may commit and when. They know they will start for UK, or whoever, and they absolutely will.

While the Terps fans have a right to be hopeful, I hope they won't be too disappointed when the Harrisons take the floor in the Blue and White. That is the high probability, and history, and the power of Calipari's winning personality and record of proven success are the reason. Turgeon has neither, and Maryland does not have the panache of Kentucky when it comes to basketball. No offense intended, just telling it like it is.

Hat tip: KSR.