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Kentucky Wildcats: PM News Update For Sept. 20th

The lead story tonight is that Josh Clemons has been redshirted for the season, which is probably the right decision, all things considered. He should be back better than every next year.

Tweet of the Evening:

Bwhahahaa! Some people are beyond clueless, and attacking Bilas on Twitter is a sure losing proposition.

Your update follows the jump.

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Get up to date!

Billy Gillispie resigns at Texas Tech for health concerns to end another bizarre short coaching tenure // vaughtsviews

AAAAnnnd the other shoe drops.

Phillips shaking up Kentucky's routine to generate faster starts // Football |

I'd settle for a not-slow start. Can I get an Amen...

USC's Kiffin gets back to normal media session // NBC Sports

"Normal" and "Lane Kiffin" are two words that definitely don't belong together. Ever.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Calipari on why kids want to come to Kentucky


UK vs. UF Prediction? Pain, and Gnashing of Teeth // Ky Cat Stats

Sounds about right to me.

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams released from hospital one day after surgery // CollegeBasketballTalk

Good news.

Florida-Kentucky hasn’t been all that competitive // John Clay's Sidelines

Sadly, no it hasn't