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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Midnight Madness Campout Edition

It has officially begun, that annual ritual of students and fans camping out to get into Big Blue Madness. Apparently, some students are better at pitching tents than others. Hat tip: Deadspin.

Tweet of the Morning:

Yep. That pretty much says it all.

Your quickies follow the jump.

The Alphabetical, Week 3: Utah Is On The Field (Again) //

Kill, Kill, Kill. Jerry Kill went for it on 4th and 15 in a game against Western Michigan where the Golden Gophers were only up 28-17. Jerry Kill is out of giveadamns, and it is glorious. (Minnesota won, and is still undefeated on the season despite looking horrendous at times against mediocre competition, but Jerry Kill don't see no pageant banners out there, dude.)

Just a sampling of the fun in this week's Alphabetical.

This Week In Schadenfreude: Colorado Makes It Respectable //

Will this be us after Saturday? Too much familiar in here not to be possible.

Hot Seat Watch 2012: Derek Dooley Still Warm, But What About Gene Chizik? //

#8 gets it just about exactly right.

Researchers Create Silicon-Based Quantum Bit // Slashdot

The geeks among us will find this fascinating. As a card-carrying geek, I know I do.

Column: Gators should ditch gimmicks // The Independent Florida Alligator: Sports

Ah, I say leave 'em in. That gives us a chance to maybe blow one up and score or even force them to punt.

Is my lack of confidence in this week's game beginning to show? I'm trying to hide it, but ...

Gators face prolific Kentucky passing game // The News-Press

And not-so-prolific defense. Or scoring offense. Or scoring defense. Or... That's enough, I think.

Chicks Dig the Football // Joining The Big Blue Nation

Welcome to the Big Blue Nation! We're glad to have you, just be prepared for some frustration with the football team. But don't give up, there is always basketball!

University of Kentucky police to increase presence at football games //

I'm sure most of you saw this brutal fight on other sites, and it really is ugly stuff. I'm glad to see that the police will be taking the matter seriously, as someone could have been seriously injured, especially when the guy was on the ground taking kicks to the head.

What has given people the idea that it's okay to kick people who are down nowadays? Nobody ever did that when I was growing up, and I saw my share of fights.

Kentucky football working to plug holes in woeful run defense //

Faster, please.

SEC has been awesome or awful // Evansville Courier & Press

Which end of the continuum do you suppose we fall on?

Calipari reportedly offers Okafor

UK coach John Calipari reportedly has made an offer to Jahlil Okafor, the top rated post player in the Class of 2014. The story broken by Jason Jordan of USA Today.

I'm sure JC will have more about this later.

John L. Smith Is Basically Flat Broke //

Just wow. And the root of it was apparently during his tenure at Louisville. Maybe this explains what's going wrong at Arkansas, at least a little.

Hundreds camping for Madness tickets at Kentucky

Yeah. And in other news...

Give us some of that old time Denard Robinson religion // Sunday Morning Quarterback

Thank goodness Colorado seems to be worse than we are, and is soaking up much more of the disdain.

UNC notes: Who's in charge? // ESPN

I hope the tumors are benign and Williams returns soonest. We make fun of him, but he's a very nice man and a very good coach.

Minter embarrassed by Kentucky goal line defense against Western Kentucky and should have been // vaughtsviews

Would it make you feel better, Rick, to know that I was embarrassed as well?

Didn't think so.

Less spending, lack of in-state talent hurts football recruiting // The Kentucky Kernel

Third in the series.

University of Kentucky // US News

Kentucky is tied for #125. Louisville is tied for #160. Schadenfreude.

Six major storylines in play this weekend // Saturday Down South

Is this really a trap game for Florida? Maybe a little. They certainly have no reason to fear us.