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Kentucky Wildcats: Late PM Update for Wednesday

For all you night owls and left-coasters, here is your PM Kentucky Wildcats update:

Barometer or Thermometer? Week 4 // Dawg Sports

It's probably already a foregone conclusion that Joker Phillips tenure in Kentucky is nearly over, especially after losing in overtime to Western Kentucky. UK may not even be the 4th best team in the state. I imagine if they played Bowling Green, the line on this one would be a push.

Umm... Dave, we don't have a college named "Bowling Green" here in Kentucky. We do have a team from Bowling Green, and they beat us last weekend.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Kentucky football cracks the Bottom-10

When things go this wrong, there is truly no place to go but up.

Lane Kiffin gets injury question, walks out on press conference // CollegeFootballTalk

Lane Kiffin - the gift that keeps on giving. I wish he were back in the SEC, life was so much more interesting when he was around.

Kentucky’s defense has to do better on third-and-short // John Clay's Sidelines

John may seem like Mr. Obvious here, but the stats are revealing.

Roy Williams has surgery to remove kidney tumor // John Clay's Sidelines

Our best wishes to Roy Williams for a speedy and complete recovery.

Father says Raymond Sanders not a bad kid, was not in possession of marijuana // vaughtsviews

A small amount of marijuana does not make a kid bad. // Tired of "basketball school" label

Brad is wrong. Kentucky cannot be both, and it will not be. This is proven by history.

Man Gets "UK" Eyeball // Everything Kentucky Online

I'm sorry, but this creeps me out a little. Still, that's a fan!