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A Gathering of the Great Football Minds - Week 3

I almost didn't check in on the gathering this week. I wanted to wallow in my own sadness and I certainly didn't need anyone else to make me feel worse by pointing out the bad that happened on Saturday. As the day went on, I found myself still curious as to what they had to say, regardless, and I collected the will to check in on the guys.

I was expecting tons of "if they had done this" or "if they had done that" comments this week because that is what typical armchair quarterbacks do after a game is over. I was pleasantly surprised to find none of that going on. The group this week was talking about some of the biggest college upsets that have occurred during the history of school against school, the wins that no one saw coming. I decided to listen in on this one too..

Bear started out the conversation with stating that the Kentucky Wildcats sure encountered a heart-breaking upset. None of us should be shocked as all in attendance agreed. He then said, "As bad as it seemed, there certainly have been worse shockers in the college football world through the years."

Woody Hayes spoke up. "I'll second that. I remember the one in 2007 when Appalachian State beat the Michigan Wolverines by seven points, 34-27, even though they were 33 point underdogs. No one, I mean no one, saw that coming."

Knute Rockne was squirming in his seat and kept trying to interrupt Woody, but he waited his turn. "Woody", he said, "that is nothing. What do you know about upsets? My 1926 Notre Dame team was skunked by Carnegie Tech, 19-0. I was so sure we would win that game, I went to watch the Army/Navy game instead of showing up to coach."

"Serves you right, Knute.", Bear said with a smile and everyone laughed.

Eagerly waiting his turn to speak was Frank Moseley. He asked jokingly, "Knute, where the heck is Carnegie Tech anyway?" Knute ignored his question.

"Okay then," Frank continued. "Do you all remember the Temple teams in the 1990's, the cupcakes? Their record was almost always 0 and something. They weren't very good. I saw them come into Blacksburg in 1998 and beat my Hokies 28-24, at home after being down 17 points at halftime. I couldn't believe what I was watching."

Bear chimed in when Frank stopped to take a breath, "It happens sometimes. Sometimes it just does." "We sure had some good times in Lexington back in our days, Frank. Some really good times."

"Where's your favorite pest today, Bear?" Vince asked.

"Oh, you can bet your last silver football trophy that he is around here somewhere. I'm sure he doesn't want to remember anything about any team he was ever associated with having any kind of upset. He thinks he is the greatest coach ever, in the history of football. He IS the human, you know. "

Everyone, including me, laughed at Bear's remark.

"See you all next week, Bear?", Frank asked.

"I'll be here." Bear replied. "Frank, we should really get together and reminisce about our Lexington days soon. How about it?"

"Sure, Bear. We'll plan on it soon."

All in all, I'm glad I made the trip this week. The group helped me realize that as bad as things may seem today, they could always be worse. My team is not that team that was almost always 0 and something even though they seem barely better than that sometimes, but I have hope for better. I believe.

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