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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Josh Harrellson Signs With The Heat Edition

Quickes wants to congratulate Josh Harrellson, who signed a contract with the Miami Heat. He has a real shot at an NBA championship ring to go along with his Final Four at Kentucky. Good luck, Josh!

Tweet of the morning:

* Shaking my head *

Your quickies follow the jump.

UK to dedicate statue honoring Joe B. Hall in front of Wildcat Coal Lodge // The Kentucky Kernel

Congrats to Coach Hall. Well deserved.

UK club bass fishing team aiming for national title // The Kentucky Kernel

We may not be able to play football at Kentucky, but by God, we can hunt and fish!

Am I the only one who didn't know that bass fishing was a varsity sport at UK? Summer Olympics, here we come!

Joker Phillips and Willie Taggart are on divergent coaching paths // The Kentucky Kernel

So what he's saying is that Joker Phillips is to dispassionate, or at least, not passionate enough, to coach football.

Hudspeth's Name Mentioned For Another SEC Job // A Sea Of Blue

Nice find by Mr. BBN.

Chris Lofton to have back surgery // John Clay's Sidelines

Get well and back on the court soon, Chris. You may have played against us, but I have nothing but appreciation and respect for you.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Demarcus Cousins does the Antoine Walker Shimmy

Just so long as he doesn't eat like Antonie Walker ...

Why you have to love Twitter // John Clay's Sidelines

"I'll make you famous!" is not always something to be happy about...

As a famous bunny once said, "What a maroon."

Kentucky's Joker Phillips says preparing for next game, not worrying about future is staff's focus // The Courier-Journal

Seriously, Kyle, what else would he be doing? If you were 1-2 with a loss to a directional school, what would you be doing? Joker knows how to make his worries disappear -- Win! You don't win by fretting about your job.

Arsalan Kazemi to transfer from Rice // CollegeBasketballTalk

I've heard a rumor that UK is interested. Not sure I buy it yet, but I haven't really looked into it.

SEC Thoughts After Three Weeks... // And The Valley Shook

ATVS thinks we should hire Willie Taggert.

Why Western Kentucky wasn’t surprised Saturday // John Clay's Sidelines

John Clay argues that we should be giving Western Kentucky more credit. He might be right.

Eric Gordon says he plans to make Anthony Davis’ life easier // ProBasketballTalk

Eric, on behalf of Anthony Davis and the entire Big Blue Nation, thank you. Anything you can do to make him better would be appreciated.

The Drake video on inspiration he drew from UK // John Clay's Sidelines

Hmm. Very impressed with that.

SB Nation talks about the football top 25: