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College Football Top 25: Post-Week 3 Blogpoll Draft Ballot

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Blogpoll logo

Once again, it is time to submit the ballot for the Blogpoll, and once again, I have the Alabama Crimson Tide dug in like a tick at the #1 spot.

For me, the big movers this week are the USC Trojans, of course, since they lost at Stanford. Concurrent with that, the Cardinal take a surge up the ballot 10 spots and into the top ten. Florida also moves into the top 15 of my ballot with their victory on the road over the Tennessee Volunteers.

Also taking a big dive are the Michigan St. Spartans, who were soundly beaten by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who leaped up my ballot just out of the top ten. Arizona also makes a move, primarily due to their strength of schedule calculation rather than the 56-0 drubbing of FCS South Carolina St.

Follow me past the jump for the ballot:

If you have any suggestions for adjustments, please leave them in the comments before 9:00 AM tomorrow.