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The Internet Can Crap You Out Sometimes

For those of you getting malware warnings, we're aware of the situation. We don't have any evidence at this time to suggest your computer is at any actual risk. We're continuing to work with Google and to go through the proper channels to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible.

This sort of thing is often caused by badly formatted HTML that fits a pattern for the malware scanners. When this happens, you get the malware warning.

There is no known malware on SB Nation sites, so you are probably safe coming here. We have had this happen on occasion, and it is usually caused by some kind of problem with an ad, and event though SB Nation reviews every ad thoroughly, as the song goes, "We're only human."

I cannot assure you beyond any doubt that some random bit of evil code does not lurk somewhere on SB Nation's servers, but if so, it will be found. You always have to consider the possible risks when receiving a warning, so I won't tell you to ignore it completely. But if your security is up to date, you should be safe. We are very diligent about making sure that nothing evil gets onto our servers, so the odds are very good that this is a false alarm.

Thanks for sticking with us as we get this fixed.