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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Edition

The Quickies this morning starts out small, but will undoubtedly grow pretty quickly. I'm sorry for the late start, but I slept in until almost 11:00 this morning, quite a departure from my 7:00 AM normal wakeup time.

If you haven't read Alex's Western Kentucky Hilltoppers preview, check it out. Tweet of the Morning:

Your quickies follow the jump.

Kentucky soccer edges Louisville 1-0 // The Courier-Journal

It's always great to beat the Cardinals. Even more so when you beat them at their place, when you're an underdog.

Jeweler suing Lance Thomas has no interest in talking to NCAA // CollegeBasketballTalk

We talked about this earlier. This makes perfect business sense. The jeweler wants their money, nothing more. They have no interest whatsoever in potentially alienating other clients from the sports world.

Duke will wriggle off the NCAA hook once again.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Saturday Morning (Cuff)links

UK receivers coach Pat Washington on what to expect from the receivers against Western Kentucky // vaughtsviews

I think Washington has done a bang-up job so far.

Gillispie leaves Mayo Clinic, returns to Texas //

Waiting for the other shoe to drop...

John Clay's Big Blue Links

No extra celebrating from UK’s Demarcus Sweat because he expects to score and keep scoring, making big plays // vaughtsviews

This. This right here.

This is the attitude that every athlete should have. Play the game like you've been there before, like this is not your first dunk or touchdown.

I like this guy more every day.

A Glimmer of Hope // Larry Glover,

Larry is still not believing in a bowl, but like me, he sees a lot more in this team than he expected.

Tennessee vs Florida: Baby, Have You Got Enough Gas? // Rocky Top Talk

RTT is ready for the Gators. This is a big game for the Vols. Like us, they have an embarrassing losing streak to the Gators. The difference, though, is that theirs is over three times shorter.