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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - John Calipari Fantasy Camp Edition

Morning Quickies
Morning Quickies

Today, the John Calipari Fantasy Camp begins in Lexington, and a bunch of largely older men will try to act like basketball players. Hope UK has plenty of Ben Gay, lots of ice, and the local hospital on standby. Seriously, though, it looks like a great time, and if I could afford it and had any articular cartilage left in my knees, I'd be there.

Tweet of the Morning:

Too bad we don't play Auburn this year. Maybe we could figure it out, too.

Your quickies follow the jump.

Hilltopper Weekend // Chris Diggs – UK Fan Blog

Western's Kawaun Jakes has got to be a concern. He can run as well as pass, and we saw what Bridgewater did to Kentucky's defense.

Jim Calhoun retiring: Workingman's coach at UConn was model of excellence // Sporting News

That is where Calhoun’s perpetual fight began, and it will end, officially, on Thursday afternoon, when he makes an announcement both deserved and inconvenient. In a way, it had to be both with Calhoun. If he’d gone out with smiles and balloons all around—well, that would have been someone else’s retirement.

Word. Nice article by Mike DeCourcy.

Kentucky renovation includes Final Four court

If there is anything Calipari is good at, it's flaunting it.

Why newspapers are hurting, in one chart

A little off topic, but interesting.

Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin, and Post-Truth Football // SB Nation Atlanta

Now that truth has succumbed in politics, football is following it down the tubes:

Think about this. Saban not only wants the benefit of playing a tomato can in preparation for the start of conference play, but he wants the media to deny the fact that the can is, in fact, full of tomatoes. He wants the media to ignore all available evidence - the quality of the Tide's performance the week before, the quality of Western Kentucky's performance in 2011 (and in the two seasons before that, WKU went 2-22), the teams' relative strength as described by Las Vegas, and the value placed on the match-up by the Tide's famously passionate fans - and serve as an extension of his program by pretending as if David is Goliath.

Fascinating read, and very thought provoking.

With UConn on probation, banned from tourney and lacking talent, it's no wonder Calhoun is retiring //

Nobody ever seems to retire at the right time. Jordan blew it, Ali blew it, Urban Meyer blew it, Bob "The beatings will continue until morale improves" Knight blew it.

Calhoun is just another in a long line.

John Wall Looks Explosive in 2012 Summer Highlights //

He does indeed. I've never seen a right-handed player do so much with his left hand as Wall does. It amazes me every time I watch him.

Thanks to football, Notre Dame hoops now has a secure future //

Notre Dame leaving the Big East is just one more blow to a dying conference.

Why UConn fans love Jim Calhoun // CollegeBasketballTalk

You can vacate wins. You can call Jim Calhoun dirty. You can say that he’s worse than John Calipari.


Western Kentucky Predictions //

Interesting, and I hope accurate, prediction. It looks good on it's face.

Liggins signs with Oklahoma City Thunder // Cat Scratches

Liggins could wind up with a ring next year.

Freshman linebackers Henderson and Thomas now know they can help Cats win // vaughtsviews

Judging by what I saw last week, they still have a lot of development to do.

Judge refuses to toss sentence of ex-KU official convicted in ticket scandal //

Via Troy Machir.

UK, WKU columnists sound off on fan allegiance // The Kentucky Kernel

I resemble these remarks.

Western Kentucky Professor Pre-Game E-mail to Students // Everything Kentucky Online

Seriously, professor? * shaking my head *

Kentucky fan explains his touching journey that led him to Calipari Fantasy Camp // vaughtsviews

Offered without comment.