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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Status Update for Tuesday

From wildcat QB to H-back, Morgan Newton intends to get on the field.
From wildcat QB to H-back, Morgan Newton intends to get on the field.

Some interesting things came out of practice today, most notably that Joker Phillips & Co. are now running Morgan Newton in the H-back spot (for those of you who don't know, it's like tight end, except the H-back sets up behind the line of scrimmage). Many of us have speculated that Phillips would be ill-advised to keep an athlete like Newton on the bench all year, and it seems that Phillips agrees with that assessment.

CoShik Williams is nearly back to 100%, and that's good news for the Kentucky running game. Williams averaged 6.2 yards per carry against Louisville Cardinals, a very fine number versus a top 25 team, so we really need him in order for our offense to be at full strength.

Another significant thing is that Bud Dupree has apparently been moved to the Will linebacker spot, and Taylor Windham to the linebacker/defensive end position at the top of the depth chart. Tyler Brause has now moved to third on the depth chart at the Mike linebacker from starting at the Will.

The offensive line continues to play well, and it looks like what appeared to be a problematic group for the Wildcats has emerged as a strong point. Now, if the defensive line could only start playing better, we'd wind up with only one really glaring weak point, namely the secondary, and UK has a lot of company in the soft secondary department, namely Arkansas and South Carolina, just to name two.