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Predictions: An e-Trip For Sunday's Game

Head to head match-up?  Quite possibly, yes.
Head to head match-up? Quite possibly, yes.

Out of pure curiosity, I went on a little e-trip this morning to find out if anyone on the world wide web had any firm idea of an unquestionably certain outcome of the Governor's Cup game. Guess what? Even though our Kentucky Wildcats seem to be a 14 point underdog, the media, pretty much, is seeing a toss up. Apparently the rivalry itself, the unknown weather, and the fact that no one has seen either team in game time situations has the field pretty much divided.

How does the local media see the game? Let's take a look at their predictions. First, I want to share is the highlight of my e-trip this morning, Josh White at Nation of Blue shared his "sign".

As I'm driving, this bird flies out and directly towards my car. It's a small Cardinal, kind of a small one, but one nonetheless. I see the bird and realize it's going to hit my car and there's no time to react.

At the very last second, the cardinal takes a dive, I guess it's instinct to save itself. It doesn't work, however, and it hits the front bumper with a solid little thud. A quick glance in the rear-view mirror confirms the kill.

Did I mention that my car... is BLUE?

I love this one. The signs we aren't looking for are the best.

Larry Vaught put together several quotes in this article. Mary Jo Perino, sportscaster for LEX18, one of the most UK supportive anchors I know, thinks the 'Cats might not pull this off.

UK will be trying to prove everybody wrong and Louisville will try to prove everybody right. I think in that opening game in Louisville, I think the Cardinals will be flexing their muscles just a little bit more.

Mark Buerger, WLAP's Sunday Morning Sports Talk thinks Louisville will win, but maybe not.

Ryan Lemond, of Kentucky Sports Report, is starting to believe. Believe!

Keith Taylor, Winchester Sun, gives Louisville the nod.

Tom Leach, UK Radio Network, is optimistic, as usual.

There is a much more positive vibe around this Kentucky team — and I see the potential for many more playmakers than last season —so I think the Wildcats can be better than they look on paper. There's no way to be certain if that will be good enough to get the win over UofL, but I will be surprised if the outcome has been decided by the time the fourth quarter rolls around.

This sounds like fun football.

I also took a ride on John Clay's Crazy Train this morning.

Sept. 2 at Louisville: Two factors work to Kentucky's advantage in this year's Governor's Cup. No. 1, Louisville is a heavy favorite. No. 2, college football doesn't allow pre-season games. The first week can be a strange week. Stop one on the crazy train. Kentucky 21, Louisville 20.

I can totally buy that.

Is it Sunday yet? Go 'Cats!

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