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Kentucky Wildcats Football: NFL Cut Day News

Looks like Winston Guy will be doing his thing for the Seattle Seahawks in 2012.
Looks like Winston Guy will be doing his thing for the Seattle Seahawks in 2012.

In the midst of the first weekend of college football and with the Governor's Cup a day away, and handful of former Kentucky Wildcats had more pressing issues on their personal agendas. Yesterday was the deadline for NFL teams to pare rosters down to 53 players. For guys on the fringes of the league, cut day might be the most important on the NFL calendar.

Friday brought good news for UK's most recent draftees. For those who've followed training camp, it will come as no surprise that Danny Trevathan made the cut for the Denver Broncos. He had been working out with the first string on some occasions and along with former Cat Wesley Woodyard, will be part of the Broncos' linebacking crew.

If the web sites covering the Seattle Seahawks were to be believed, things weren't so cut and dried for fellow sixth round pick Winston Guy. A pair of missed assignments on special teams led to blocked punts in an earlier exhibition games. Guy was also dealing with a pretty loaded secondary and a couple of surprise free agent acquisitions. In the end, though, Guy's physical gifts and knack for getting to a ballcarrier won out. He was not among the cuts last night for the Seahawks and would appear to have found his way onto the roster.

Kudos to these two, who played their hearts out for the Wildcats last year and whose exploits on the field lent an air of respectability to an otherwise forgettable year.

Finally, at least on the positive front, Trevard Lindley survived the final cut for the Philadelphia Eagles after not making the team in 2011. The Eagles defensive backfield is crowded, but after he didn't catch on elsewhere, Lindley was quietly resigned after last season. He's simply too good at what he does not to have a place in the NFL, so it feels good to see he's righted this wrong.

After the jump, a word about a few of our guys who didn't fare so well.

Despite a very good preseason and what appeared to be a successful move to defensive end, Micah Johnson was cut by the Bengals yesterday. Micah is said to be a shoo-in for the team's practice squad, but there is a chance that he won't clear waivers and sign somewhere else. Johnson has done a lot of good things in his three exhbition seasons, and there is ample film on him circulating the NFL. The Bengals also cut DeQuin Evans

Other cuts included Alfonso Smith and Ricky Lumpkin by the Arizona Cardinals. This is a particularly tough blow for Smith, who had a couple of full NFL seasons under his belt.

Tackle Chandler Burden was cut earlier in the week by the Miami Dolphins.

We at ASOB wish all these guys the best.

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