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'Twas the Day Before Fan Day

We can do this, guys!  Go 'Cats!
We can do this, guys! Go 'Cats!

Football Fan Day is this Saturday. Do you know what that means? It's story time again, 'Cat fans. Gather around while I read you a little story about our Kentucky Wildcats football.

'Twas the day before Fan Day, the season is nigh
Some Wildcat faithful are starting to sigh.
We know the time's here for practice to start
We all await now to measure blue heart.

What will we see when we witness the team?
Will we be pleased or will we just scream?
For many there's hope for this team donned in blue
For others there's doubt, each season's not new.

We look to the coaches, to shed a new light
New playbooks and calls to make it all right.
Will we chance hope and support our dear blue
Or will we take stock with visions anew?

This team's excited, they want to have fun
They long to compete and have a deep run.
They want for the fans to support their own team,
Just to give them a chance to live a life dream.

This team is a mix of new and both old
They came to our school from regions untold.
The guys promise heart, and blue will prevail
Just let them see fans and they'll try without fail.

The Catwalk will start, each day we will know
The boys in blue stream in, ready for show.
We want to cheer loud for our team that wears blue
Since times have been tough, not always the mood.

But let's embrace this team, we want to believe
The blue UK they chose for their sleeve.
Although where they take us, the path is not clear
We must to do our part, just stand up and cheer.

So, cheer hard for the Cats, and shout it loud
Cat fans we all are, and we all will be proud.

Note: I posted a link to something similar at SDS about SEC football, but I have been thinking about doing this for weeks. I have actually thought about trying it ever since I posted 'Twas the Day Before Madness last October. I finally decided to give it a shot. Lack of time has prohibited me from giving it a lot of thought, so I apologize in advance.

Thanks for reading, and Go 'Cats!