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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Football, Football, and More Football Edition

Morning Quickies
Morning Quickies

Yes, my brothers and sisters of the Big Blue Nation, today's Quickies are all about football -- well, mostly about football, anyway. Seems there is a big game coming up in a few days, and it happens to be a football game. Who was that other team we are supposed to be playing again? Redbirds, Red Hens, red... something. Big Red? Nope, uhhh. Oh, yeah, the Cardinals. I thought they were a baseball team.

Tweet of the Morning:

A Jordan Aumiller sighting! I thought he had given up the game or something, but no. Not sure we'll see him this season, but it's nice to know the freshman All-SEC tight end is still around.

Your Quickies follow the jump.

Wildcat Blue Nation previews the Kentucky football season

I like their thinking in the Louisville game.

No. 4: ’49 Cats recorded four straight shutouts // The Kentucky Kernel

The 4th greatest Kentucky football team of all time: 1949. Things were different then, but two things still stand out about that year: 1) we lost to Tennessee, and 2) we lost to Santa Clara (Really?) in the Orange Bowl.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Joker gives the media his best Fake Lou Holtz


Tale of the Tape: Battle of the Kentucky and Louisville Lines // Bleed Blue Kentucky

When you look at the lines, you have to be comfortable with Kentucky's position. The only real question is the youth on the blind side of Kentucky's o-line.

Tom Leach // Tuesday Links

Anthony Davis wants Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of Year awards // SI Tracking Blog

Well, why should he set his sights below the top? I can't think of a reason.

Kentucky Sports Radio // More Jump on the Close Game Bandwagon

Hey, Las Vegas bookmakers, Jeff Sagarin on line 1...

Nick Saban likens Denard Robinson to Cam Newton // CollegeFootballTalk

No doubt, the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Michigan Wolverines game is the highlight of college football's kickoff weekend.

Epps Commits to Kentucky // Ky Cat Stats

Wild Weasel had this yesterday, but I think it deserves reiteration. But my question is, what was she thinking when she committed to Louisville? Did she think Rick Pitino would be coaching her or something, like he did her dad?

Anyway, Welcome Makayla. Glad to have you with the right team. Phillips confident as game week arrives

Looks like Joker Phillips has his game face on. More or less, anyway. He's remarkably relaxed for a guy purported to be watching his job pass before his eyes this season.

Preseason polls have Kentucky motivated // The Greenville News

If it happens every year, can it really be motivation, or more like a boat anchor around the neck?

Just askin'.

Kentucky gymnast undergoes successful neck surgery.

After a horrifying neck injury, Caitlyn Ciokaijo is expected to make a full recovery.

Gymnasts do terrifying and dangerous things in their routines, especially at high levels, but serious injuries seem fairly rare. This was an incredibly freak injury, requiring a chain of failures to happen.

Ten hottest college basketball storylines.

Love #1. // Smith, Phillips embrace underdog role against Cards

Might as well embrace it. Complaining about it won't help.

Tennessee athletics operating at $4 million deficit // John Clay's Sidelines

Maybe we could loan them some cash in return for some ... concessions, like maybe painting one end of their end zones Kentucky blue and white instead of that ghastly orange checkerboard.

Or Derek Dooley wearing blue pants all season. Yeah, I like that one even better.

Study: Hoops success helps enrollment // ESPN

Makes sense. You know all these schools are not fielding teams just for the honor of running a deficit.

Julius Randle Winning Dunk // Everything Kentucky Online

Great, kid. Don't get cocky.

No more singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ at Penn State football games // Off the Bench

Good grief.

This is what happens to a society that looks so hard to find evil intent in the most innocent of places. We did it to mascots, now songs. Coming soon: Boycotts of Fenway park. BoSox, you're on deck.

Minn. coach's child porn case tests investigators // NBC Sports

Let's all hope they are innocent. I wonder if the employee who reported this would have done so prior to the Penn St. debacle?

Phillips releases depth chart as season opener nears // The Kentucky Kernel

Lots and lots of freshman and sophomore depth. Let's hope Phillips' recruiting has been as good as many have hoped the last few years.