UK Football: Let's Sell Some Tickets

OK, so UK Football ticket sales are down. We all know it. We have discussed it to death, so let's forget about that for now, and concentrate on fixing the problem immediately. What can UK do to start selling out games that may very well be played to a half-empty Commonwealth Stadium?

Last year I took my family to a Reds game. I hadn't been in a long time, and my kids had never been, so we figured, why not. So I snagged some family section seats (something I didn't even know that the Reds had) and off we went. We had a good time, in spite of two rain delays (one really lengthy) and a couple of guys who were so drunk they couldn't remember their seats. the game was enjoyable, but both the girls noted that the Reds game was kind of boring compared to a Mobile Bay Bears game (minor league team in Mobile, Ala) we had gone to two years prior. When I asked why, the girls told me that there was always something going on at the minor league game.

So, when the discussion about ticket sales was going on the other day I got to thinking. What about adding some events to the UK games to increase sales. The Cats play seven home games this season, four of which are SEC games. So, what can we do to spice things up? Well, let's see.

September 8- Kent State

For this game, it should be a good show by the boys on the field and a winnable game. This promotion is simple. 25 fans will be selected from paid attendance (must be present to win)to get free season tickets for the rest of the year. 1 pair per ticket. Winners will be drawn at halftime, and be brought down to the field to have their pics made with Joker and the player they select after the game.

September 15- Western Kentucky

Another "should win", this one gets fun. A group of 10 ticket holders are drawn from attendees for a "Campout at Commonwealth". They get to pitch tents and actually sleep at the stadium that night with a group of players and coaches. A "Western" camp meal will be catered, and game highlights and replays will be shown on the big screen that night. A visit from Cal, Mitch, and some UK alums is also arranged. Actual football unis will be provided to every winner, signed by their favorite player.

September 29- South Carolina

Ooof. A tricky one. Win or lose, the players AND coaches are going to be completely drained after this contest. So, all ticket stub holders get a free Papa Johns Large Pizza of their choice.

October 6- Mississippi State

Toss up. Weather has turned cool, so the first 5000 fans to enter Commonwealth get brand new UK Hoodies. but not to fear, all others get a UK skull cap.

November 3- Vanderbilt

Big game. Need this one. Need the stadium full too. Someone in the crowd will win a UK Blue Ford Pickup Truck. but not just any truck. This one will be signed by the entire team and coaching staff. Complete with UK logos, and a year's worth of gas.

November 17- Samford

A "must win" game. And some lucky fan is going to get to help make that happen. A winner will be drawn prior to the game to join Joker Phillips on the sidelines to help coach. The "Coach For The Day" gets to attend the coin toss, join the team for all activities for the day, and gets to call at least one offensive and one defensive play during the game.

Let's face it, we need to keep the stadium full, and the football team is profitable as long as we do. Not to mention people will be having fun watching and seeing all the press coverage of the events all year long. And who knows, it might be fun all the way around.