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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Last Weekend Before Louisville Edition

Morning Quickies
Morning Quickies

This is the last weekend before the Kentucky Wildcats take on the Louisville Cardinals in the governor's cup game. Joker Phillips has been very happy this week with the performance of the team in practice, and as I told Larry Glover last night on his radio show, this is a vastly different tone of commentary from the coaching staff than we heard last year, when Phillips was always complaining about the level of performance of the team.

This makes me wonder -- could we have another 2006 on our hands? The team makeup then was similar to now, with approximately 25 players redshirt freshmen or sophomores.

Tweet of the Morning:

Heh. Love it.

Your Quickies follow the jump.

Conner Frankamp wins 3-pt contest, Julius Randle wins dunk contest at Under Armour Elite 24 // CollegeBasketballTalk

Randle is one that Kentucky would really like to land, along with the Harrison twins. Seems he can dunk a little, too. I was on with Larry Glover last night during the contest, and he described the dunk on the air just before I went on where Randle got a perfect score.

UK official explains schedule, date, logistic for women’s clinic // vaughtsviews

Is the women's basketball clinic getting short-changed by UK?

Sandusky victim sues Penn State for 'shameful' handling of complaints // U.S. News

This is how those abused by Sandusky due to the negligence of Penn St. will have their grievances redressed - in civil court, with monetary damages.

Tom Leach // Saturday Links

Chicks Dig the Football: University of Kentucky Football 2012 // The Players: Through The Eyes Of Their Biggest Fan.

An absolutely outstanding post by our friend The Football Chick. She does an absolutely fantastic blog from a women's perspective, much like what A2D2 and BigSkyCat bring to A Sea of Blue. And just like A2D2, she's a football fan.

Check it all out, it is a very good article that you will enjoy.

Kentucky volleyball team sweeps UNC in season opener // UK News, Recruiting |

Anytime we beat North Carolina in anything, it is a good thing. Congratulations to the volleyball team.

Kentucky football covered at corners: Cartier Rice, Martavius Neloms have experience // The Courier-Journal

These guys are all quality, no doubt. But behind them sits nothing but freshmen, and that's what concerns Kentucky football fans.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Xavier Rathan-Mayes Does Not Put UK in Top 5

I'm not terribly surprised by this Rathan-Mayes was only half-heartedly looked at by UK, and UK never extended an offer that I can see. Wiggns' teammate will probably be going elsewhere.

NCAA violations lead to Marquette firing assistant Scott Monarch, suspending head coach Buzz Williams one game // CollegeBasketballTalk

This is interesting. Buzz Williams got suspended because one of his staff broke the rules and then lied about it.

Welcome to the new NCAA. Be very sure when you hire somebody for your staff, that you can trust them. This is the message to be taken from this affair.

To Support My Team or To Not Support My Team, That Is the Question // Kentucky Football Blog

I read somewhere where a self-proclaimed fan wanted to be convinced to come out and spend their "hard earned money" to attend a game and watch another season of "mediocre" UK football. If you need to be convinced, stay home. Save your money and don’t waste your time on supporting a team as bad as UK. Here is what you do, buy an Alabama hat for football season. Pull out the ole UK hat around January for basketball season. After March Madness get your South Carolina hat and watch them during baseball season. There you have it; you now only pull for the best of the best. No mediocre sports teams for you and your hard earned money. You only spend money on proven winners.

Ouch. Fair-weather fans, you have been called out. I agree 100% with this post.

Center Matt Smith, defensive end Collins Ukwu named permanent UK captains // vaughtsviews

In my view, both are outstanding choices.

Timing for Majerus is particularly tough // ESPN

Sorry to hear about Rick Majerus' illness. He has had heart issues for a while, and it seems now that they are very serious. Our prayers for a quick, complete recovery and return to coaching.

Kentucky Wildcats Recruiting : The Harrison Twins – Video // Everything Kentucky Online

Fun and games with the Harrison twins.