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Kentucky Basketball: National Media Figures Come to Calipari's Defense

Tired of reading tweets like this?

The most hilarious thing about this is that the article he linked neither says, nor implies, his comment. It's just made up out of thin air, and this from an apparent Miami Hurricanes fan who ironically can't accept that his school is a scandal-ridden mess. Can you say, "Droll, baby, droll" boys and girls? I knew you could.

Follow me past the jump for some rebuttal by names you will know, unlike Danny Boy here.


This Twitpic is used by permission of Chip Miller @UKBIGBLUENATION. For those who don't know who Mark Ennis is, he is SBNation's Big East blogger. John Infante is the Compliance Guy, a former independent and NCAA compliance blogger many of you may remember from earlier links.

Dickie V. also had this to say, which predictably drew a * lot * of Twitter fire:

Are we having fun yet? Embrace. The. Hate.