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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - First Day of Class at Kentucky

Morning Quickies
Morning Quickies

Today is the first day of classes at the University of Kentucky. We all know what that means, for those of us for whom college is now a pleasant memory -- football season followed by... you know what!

Today's Tweet of the Day comes from UK:

You'll do great, Lee. Enjoy this, it doesn't get much better. And buy a football season ticket, will ya?

Your quickies follow the jump.

Even next to Anthony Davis, Karl Towns is one big kid // John Clay's Sidelines

Indeed he is. Looks about an inch taller in this photo. Davis looks good, though.

UK hoops collect former UofL commit // The Kentucky Kernel

Matthew Mitchell continues to get it done, and now emulates Calipari in another way -- taking away one of Louisville's commitments.

Kentucky quarterback Maxwell Smith keeps improving // The Courier-Journal

It's been a long, tough climb for Maxwell Smith, and there is no doubt he has learned the job under fire. Steel is tempered in fire. Perhaps his difficult rise will temper Max as well.

Nick Saban sticks it to Steve Spurrier with response // Larry Brown Sports

Heh. I have to admit, I love it when coaches take veiled shots at each other like this. It adds a little spice to the season.

Football fanaticism in the SEC can go over the line //

Can this writer possibly be any more jealous of the passion of SEC fans? This reads almost like a political ad: "Did you know a convicted murder is a fan of Politician X? What does that tell us about Politician X?"

Character assassination by association is a tried and true political technique, and it's becoming more popular with sportswriters these days.

Chirs Rusin shines in MLB debut // WYMT

Baseball during football season? Hey, haven't you heard that the Wildcats play pretty good baseball?

So does Chris Rusin, who made his MLB debut last night for the Cubbies.. Did pretty well, too.

Julius Peppers Makes Large Donation To UNC // SB Nation Chicago

Despite his generosity, the optics of this aren't great considering recent events.

Q&A with UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart // The Kentucky Kernel

This is interesting. Barnhart:

  • Compares Calipari to a "CEO for men's basketball";
  • Says "biggest cheater" thing was likely the result of jealousy, and "for a coach to participate in a poll like that is "unbelievably incredible";
  • Says fans should come to Commonwealth Stadium this year and "have some fun." I couldn't agree more;
  • Says men's soccer will surprise people;
  • Expressed concerns about social media.

There is much more interestting stuff in there. Check it out.

Kentucky Sports Report // The Big Blue Nation Supports Athletes Like No Other Fanbase

A feel-good story on how UK supports its athletes. A lot of truth in here, but it is set against the recent news of a decided lack of support for the football team.

The Morning Mix // CollegeBasketballTalk

Lots of great stuff in here, as always. Also some praise for yours truly. * blush *

The Racial Divide on ... Sneakers - Emily Chertoff // The Atlantic

This is a very nice companion to my article yesterday on the NBA Rookie Training Program, and further illustrates how and why the NBA appeal to urban culture has managed to alienate the suburban and rural communities.