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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - UK Quarterback Edition

Morning Quickies
Morning Quickies

We all know by now that Max Smith was named the starter yesterday for the Governor's Cup game with the Louisville Cardinals. Our own Alex Scutchfield had this to say to Morgan Newton this morning:

Morgan is a class act. How you handle adversity is at least as important as how you handle success.

Your quickies follow the jump.

2013 NFL Draft: Kentucky Preview // CBSSports

This is nice work. Any Kentucky fan has to be encouraged by the comments about Larry Warford and Matt Smith. Getting two linemen mentioned in connection with the NFL is rare air for Kentucky.

The new way Kentucky and Louisville are monitoring athletes' social media behavior //

More commentary on the social media monitoring we blogged about yesterday. This piece is interesting in that it reveals some of the words UK and U of L look for. If you're older, like me, some of them are a mystery, but most aren't.

I do find it interesting, but not surprising, that UK and U of L are the schools under discussion when many more, including LSU and Florida do something similar. Guess we Kentuckians are just more click-worthy.

Coach Cal still about changing lives //

John Calipari is on a roll:

Calipari said he’s been overwhelmed with the numbers of calls he’s gotten from players’ families thanking them for altering the course of their loved ones’ lives. He used DeMarcus Cousins’ mother as an example, who recently moved into a new house on a golf course that Cousins bought her.

There is a lot of rah-rah stuff in here, but it's worth reading.

The Fantasy War Room Sponsored By Sprint: Day One Closed //

Into fantasy sports? SB Nation has you covered. Don't ask me to blog much about this, I am even more clueless about fantasy sports than I am about some of the words on the U of L and UK "do not tweet" list.

10 Things the NCAA Absolutely Must Change // Online Colleges

With due respect to the author, I find this list carries something of an agenda, primarily what I tend to think of as feminist. I think Title IX has good points and bad. The one about prostituting women as a recruiting enhancement is, quite simply, over the top, and casts colleges in the role of pimps and young coeds in the role of high-priced "escorts" in the most libertine sense.

Then is "stop the bribes and incentives," which have always been against the rules. Last time I checked, rape and sexual assaults were not only against the rules, but against the law. Watchdog groups are often so agenda-driven that they find it impossible to be objective. And this comment:

As if getting away with cheating and raping weren’t enough of a reason to start begging the NCAA for tighter policing of its own rules, Division I and II institutions also seem to take pains to help out their student athletes who test positive for one or more substance on the banned list.

I think this dish was just a bit overcooked.

College Football Rankings 2012: AP Top 25 Led By USC //

Here's the AP top 25. Kentucky doesn't make it in [ shock! ]. Louisville does :-(

Ira Combs' Weekly Column

Ira gives some good advice here, and uses the UK-UL game as an example. As good as the analysts in Las Vegas are, they are at a major disadvantage the first couple of games of the season. This is the time, if there ever is one, to disregard or at least minimize your regard for the spread.

Also, Ira points out something that's bugged me more than the offense about last year's team, and that was special teams. If we don't improve that aspect, Kentucky might as well pack it in this season.

SB Nation Preseason All-Americans 2012: Montee Ball, Jarvis Jones Lead //

Predictably, no Kentucky players will be found here. Maybe next year Justin Taylor or Dyshawn Mobley will be an honorable mention. Hope springs eternal...

Maryland Basketball Recruiting: Harrison Twins Update // SB Nation DC

The Harrison twins will make their college pick on their 18th birthday, October 28th.

I really like our chances. A whole, whole lot.

Joker Phillips and Randy Sanders on QB call // Kyle Tucker – UK Beat

More on Maxwell Smith's elevation to starting quarterback from Joker Phillips and Randy Sanders. Sanders' comment that the offense was "just more productive with Max" is, I think, the whole idea.

Marcus Lee Visits UCLA, Sets Kentucky In-Home //

So now we know when Lee will visit Kentucky. Or do we? According to this, there are UK visits scheduled on Oct 12th and 16th. Which is right? Both? I don't know, and not sure I care, as long as he shows.

Notably, UK has not yet offered him.