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Kentucky Football: 2012 Starting Quarterback Announced, Anticlimactically

Sophomore Max Smith is named the starting quarterback for Kentucky.
Sophomore Max Smith is named the starting quarterback for Kentucky.

I know it will come as a drop-dead shock to all of you, but Morgan Newton is your starting quarterback for the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats.

Just kidding, it's Maxwell Smith, of course. Via Cats Illustrated:

Sophomore Maxwell Smith was named the starting quarterback by head coach Joker Phillips after practice on Monday.

Smith beat out senior Morgan Newton and freshmen Patrick Towles and Jalen Whitlow for the job, ending a position battle that had raged the first two weeks of fall camp.

Joker Phillips is quoted as saying, "It wasn't obvious." It was to me, Joker, and to almost everyone else. How can it be that it wasn't obvious to the head coach? Just kidding, coach. Phillips said the decision was made last night, presumably after reviewing the film.

Apparently, contrary to other reports suggesting Jalen Whitlow was actually #2 on the depth chart, that honor still belongs to Newton. Whitlow and Patrick Towles will fight it out for the honor of being the 3-deep.

Truthfully, if you go by the comments from Randy Sanders, Newton still isn't 100% recovered from that shoulder surgery. Tough break for the senior, he may have a decision to make yet.