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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - UK Ahead of the Curve

Consider this tweet just a few moments ago from UK Athletics (which is also our Tweet of the Morning):

I think this is an outstanding idea, way past due. UK Athletics is so much more than football, basketball, and baseball. Those teams and student-athletes (and most of them are student-athletes in the way the NCAA touts) deserve more pixels than they get. You can't blame the local media for focusing on what's most popular, but kudos to UK Athletics for using the Internet to get their achievements more exposure.

Your quickies follow the jump:

Critical Coaches: Should college basketball players be paid? //

This answer was actually closer than I expected. But there seems to be no consensus on the method.

Ron Patterson's services in high demand // ESPN

Louisville? Seriously? How many scholarships do the Cardinals get this year?

Rising Stars // ESPN

If this list included incoming freshmen, Archie Goodwin would likely be among them.

Nerlens Noel: Most Overrated Prospect In 2012

We all know what opinions are like, and this guy's take is not particularly convincing. While he is right that big men are often overrated, in my opinion, that is not the case with Noel. Hat tip: Troy Machir

Nerlens Noel most overrated 2012 prospect? Whoa, now … // CollegeBasketballTalk

Mike Miller says what we all feel about the post I linked earlier:

If you want clicks from college basketball fans, write about Kentucky. If you want clicks and comments, write something critical of a Kentucky player. That’s a guaranteed formula.

The Rant Sports article is link bait, no doubt, but the question is valid, even if the reasoning is questionable. There are several aspects of Noel's game that, as of right now, can lead to this sort of conclusion. The thing is, the Noel of right now will not resemble the noel of March, or even December.

What You Need to Know About Andrew Wiggins //

Andrew Wiggins will have enough credits to reclassify if he wants. Wiggins' head coach thinks UK will be on Wiggins' list until the end.

Keith Clanton, UCF Knights forward, will not transfer // Sporting News

So ends the speculation.

Player Preview: Glenn Faulkner // Bleed Blue Kentucky

Faulkner got a tough break needing surgery to fix his ankle, but we could see him later in the year.

Tom Leach // Monday links

Nerlens Noel Supporting UK

Well, now all the doubts can be laid rest. Noel has been seen at the UK volleyball Blue/White Scrimmage.