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Kentucky Football: A Preview of the UK-Georgia Game You Should Not Miss

Brothers from another mother?
Brothers from another mother?

Our colleague MaconDawg over at Dawg Sports have a really outstanding pre-season preview of the Georgia Bulldogs vs. Kentucky Wildcats on October 20th. It is not only hilarious, but unerringly accurate and not nearly as disrespectful of the Wildcats as most SEC bloggers. Here is just a taste:

Offense: Kentucky could start anyone at QB. Really, if zombie Jackie Gleason waddled out and called Steve Spurrier a sumbitch, I wouldn't be that surprised. Senior Morgan Newton has been the Wildcat QB of the future since at least 1994. Sophomore Maxwell Smith filled in for 3 games last season after Newton went out, but was then replaced by WR Matt Roark for that game that officially put Derek Dooley on the hotseat. Roark graduated, and therefore won't be playing QB, but Eastern Kentucky transfer Jacob Russell might if Newton or Smith falter and/or suffer grievous bodily injury.

Funny? Oh, yes, but there is more than just humor to this:

Kentucky also has one of the top offensive linemen in the country in guard Larry Warford. Warford earned 2nd team All-SEC honors in both 2010 and 2011. If you're a football geek like me, spend some time ignoring where the ball goes and watch Warford work. I think the coaches sold him short last season. This kid's good, and he'll end up playing on Sundays. At 6'3 and 340+ pounds, he's one of the few offensive linemen you'll see on par with Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins sizewise.

Now, how many bloggers do you know who would point out an interior offensive lineman like that, note his prodigious but underrated skill, and praise his work? Yes, the humor is funny and cute, but this is about football, and nothing is more important to an offense than quality linemen. If only Kentucky could clone Warford about five more times, we might really be dangerous this year.

Read the whole thing. I guarantee you will not regret it.