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Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports Claims That Kentucky Coach John Calipari Tried To Get Him Fired

Did John Calipari try to get Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports fired?
Did John Calipari try to get Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports fired?

Did Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari try to get Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports fired? Goodman seems to suggest just that, according to this article over at Kentucky Sports Radio. This is the first time I have heard this explosive accusation.

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I have always been a huge skeptic of Jeff Goodman. I used to refer to him as "The Loathsome Troll Jeff Goodman" for many years, and recently stopped doing that because it's just a little beneath the level of discourse I like to think we promote on this blog. My lack of that particular referent does not mean that I am less skeptical of what he writes.

So did John Calipari threaten Jeff Goodman's job? If yes, then shame on him, but color me highly skeptical. Even if Calipari did not actually try to get Goodman dumped, the fact that Goodman apparently believes he did renders his commentary on Calipari and Kentucky about the farthest thing from objective that you can imagine. That's something he even suggested on the radio show where he revealed this heretofore unknown accusation.

Goodman isn't a bad columnist, but he has a bad record with Kentucky. With this revelation, I can't imagine that Kentucky fans are going to consider his work credible any longer as it relates to UK or Coach Cal, because let's be honest, if Calipari or anyone else tried to get me fired from a job, or even if he didn't and I believed otherwise, there is no way I could be objective about him. To be honest, it would be asking too much of anyone to be objective in a circumstance like that, and it is certainly too much to ask that the Big Blue Nation accept his commentary on the Wildcats with equanimity.