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Ender's Game: Kentucky Strong With Andrew Wiggins; Will He Reclassify to 2013?

If Andrew Wiggins reclasifies, 2013 could be the most ridiculous class in college basketball history.
If Andrew Wiggins reclasifies, 2013 could be the most ridiculous class in college basketball history.

Adam Zagoria has an update on 2014 super-swingman Andrew Wiggins. Those of you familiar with the sci-fi novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card will understand the reference, since the hero in that novel is named Andrew Wiggin (no "s" like the basketball player). Wherever Wiggins winds up, this is likely to be a popular reference.

Anyway, on to the Zagoria article:

"Right now if I had to say the two that stick out more as far as just been there the longest, it’s Florida State and Kentucky," Huntington (W.V.) coach Rob Fulford told Sunday night.

"Obviously, Florida State for family reasons [both his parents, former NBA player Mitchell Wiggins and former Canadian track star Marita Payne-Wiggins, went there]. Andrew’s comfortable with everything there. And Kentucky’s been around the longest and been the closest."

Calipari has been on Wiggins a long time, longer than anyone according to the article. There is no doubt that the schools competing for Wiggins' services are very tough competitors, but when you give Calipari a leg up (which he normally doesn't even need), you have a problem on your hands.

But that's not the biggest news in this piece -- that would be that there is a possibility Wiggins will try to reclassify to 2013 a la Nerlens Noel.

Another thing that could change is Wiggins’ year of graduation.

Right now he’s 2014 but that could change to 2013, which would enable him to be eligible for the 2014 NBA Draft.

Wiggins told that he was "not going to do it," but left the door open that he could change his mind during the school year.


"If we could get him to college early which would then get him to the NBA earlier, as a coach and a mentor to him, then we have to tell him, ‘Hey, this is probably the direction for your development that you will probably want to go,’" Fulford said.

Wiggins reclassifying would definitely throw a bit of a monkey-wrench into Calipari's current process. Right now, the smart money is that he's got Troy, Michigan's James Young, who recently got a UK offer, or Oak Hill Academy's Troy Williams slotted into the wing forward spot for 2013. As good as both are, Wiggins is significantly better than either, and it's hard to imagine either of those coming into a 2013 class that includes Wiggins.

A reclassification doesn't look likely at this point, but if it did happen, 2013 could be the most ridiculous recruiting class in college basketball history, even more amazing than 2011 was. A reclassified Wiggins would likely be ranked in the top 2 of 2013, since he is considered among the best players still in high school at any age. Combine him with the Harrison twins and either Julius Randle or Jabari Parker, and you have something really scary going on.

This is certainly a great time in history to be a Wildcats fan.